Why is my module already disposed in Gradle?

Why is my module already disposed in Gradle?

The gradle build says “BUILD SUCCESSFUL” but it pops up an alert window with the message Failed to complete Gradle execution. Cause: Already disposed: Module: ‘MYMODULENAME’ I can’t start my app now. Any idea what I can do? Edit: I solved the problem with the following instructions: The blue box in the module symbol don’t show.

How to dispose duplicate modules in Android Studio?

This duplicate entry is probably disposed of twice while the sync tries to reset the modules in memory. Quick Solution: In order to make it work the easiest is to delete .idea/modules.xml along with the .iml files. Additionally may worth deleting .idea/modules/ folder if it exists.

Why do I get the error already disposed in VFS?

HI ! I’ve added a vfs listener to my project and it seems to be working fine, but sometimes I get the error: Now I’m checking for Project.isDisposed before calling to

Why is the project disposed inside my listener?

But I don’t know if that’s ok or this is part of a wrong implementation, because I’m not closing the project, so, why the project is disposed inside my listener? // TODO: why the project is disposed sometimes here? and I’m adding the listener inside MyProjectComponent initialization:

Where do I find the properties file in Gradle?

The configuration is a combination of all your files, but if an option is configured in multiple locations, the first one wins: system properties, e.g. when -Dgradle.user.home is set on the command line. in GRADLE_USER_HOME directory.

How to create a consistent build environment in Gradle?

Setting up a consistent environment for your build is as simple as placing these settings into a file. The configuration is applied in following order (if an option is configured in multiple locations the last one wins): in Gradle installation directory. in project root directory.

Why does Gradle not clean cache in Android Studio?

Sometimes gradlew clean or Invalidate Cache and Restart does not help, because these methods do not clean Android Studio specific files by themselves. In this case, close AS and remove .idea directory and .iml file in a root project where settings.gradle file exists.