Why was the Diono Rainier discontinued?

Why was the Diono Rainier discontinued?

Diono is recalling certain Radian R100, Radian R120, Radian RXT, Olympia, Pacifica, and Rainier convertible + booster car seats. As such, these child seats fail to conform to the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) number 213, “Child Restraint Systems.”

Is Diono 3RXT safe?

Safety Features This is one of the safest car seats available. The car seat is heavy because it is solid. The Diono Radian 3RXT will keep the child safe in the event of a crash. Installing the car seat requires some practice due to a combination of the weight and the SuperLatch system.

How long are Diono Rainier good for?

These include the Rainier, Pacifica, and the Olympia. These three seats have a lifespan of eight years with the harness in use, or 10-12 years without the harness. If you purchase a convertible manufactured post 2019, that is not on the list, the lifespan is ten years.

Is there a recall on the Diono Rainier?

The recall only affected models produced between 2013 and 2017. Even throughout the recall, the Rainier remained one of the best reviews and highest performing seats on the market. The Rainier is currently available in two different models: the 2AXT and the 2AX.

Which is better the Rainier or the 2Ax?

Diono Rainier 2AX Review The Rainier is the more basic of the two models, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deliver plenty of convenience for the price. Like most Diono designs, the goal of the Rainier 2AX is to keep the child rear facing for a much longer time.

Which is the best car seat from Diono?

Diono Rainier is one part of their “Radian Line,” one of Diono’s premier convertible child car seat offerings. The goal of the Radian Line was to provide parents with a long list of unique and reliable features in a slim, compact design. Of the three items in the line (Olympia, Pacifica, Rainier), the Rainier is the most expensive across retailers.

How big does a Rainier car seat have to be?

The Rainier 2AX is made to accommodate children up to 65 pounds, which results in a car seat that is much larger than most users expect. Many users find it cumbersome and quite bulky, and as the design is slightly broader at the top than the 2AXT, the promise of fitting “three across” may only apply to the largest of cars.