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Are Moody boats any good?

Are Moody boats any good?

These solidly built, medium-displacement cruisers are capable of a very reasonable pace in open seas, where they offer a particularly sea-kindly motion. Thanks to the inboard genoa tracks they do point quite close – up to 33° in fact, although they lose a lot of speed when pinched that tight.

Who builds Moody yachts?

HanseYachts AG
Moody Yachts

Owner HanseYachts AG
Produced by HanseYachts AG
Country Germany
Introduced 1827

Where are Moody sailboats made?

Originating in England the legendary Moody yachts are now manufactured in Germany and designed by the famous Bill Dixon known for dynamic yacht design and innovative production processes.

How much is a moody 41?

Boat Details

Make Moody
Price €446,900
Type Sail
Class Cruiser (Sail)
Length 41 ft

What is a deck saloon sailboat?

What are deck saloon sailing vessels? Deck Saloon sailboats are larger size, sailing vessels usually used for time-honored sailing on-the-water activities such as overnight cruising and day sailing.

Are Amel yachts any good?

Amel has long held a reputation for producing high quality, long distance cruisers that come equipped with everything. It’s a reputation that’s well deserved.

What is a saloon boat?

The cabin area of a boat or yacht devoted to seated relaxation, often combined with dining table.

What does Deck Salon mean?

Why a Deck Saloon? Deck saloons (also known as raised saloon, deck house, pilot house), consist of a raised coach-house on sailing boats, with large panoramic and luminous windows. This design enables heavy fuel and water tanks to be low down in the boat, where they should be.