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How does substance abuse affect the workplace?

How does substance abuse affect the workplace?

Substance abuse in the workplace can lead to decreased productivity and increased physical injuries and fatalities. Approximately 16% of emergency room patients injured at work have alcohol in their system. The likelihood for workplace accidents skyrockets when employees are under the influence.

What are some of the negative effects of addiction in the workplace?

Impact of Substance Abuse on Employers

  • Employees being late or sleeping on the job.
  • Theft.
  • Poor decision making.
  • Problems performing duties.
  • Decreased efficiency.
  • Low morale of coworkers.
  • A high rate of turnover and increased training costs for new employees.
  • Costs of disciplinary procedures and drug testing programs.

How does substance abuse impact development?

Drug abuse can impact the brain’s ability to function in the short-term as well as prevent proper growth and development for later in life. Substance abuse affects teen brain development by: Interfering with neurotransmitters and damaging connections within the brain. Reducing the ability to experience pleasure.

How do you deal with substance abuse in the workplace?

Here are five tips for handling addiction in the workplace.

  1. Educate Employees.
  2. Recognize the Signs of Addiction.
  3. Document Suspicious Behavior.
  4. Address Issues Appropriately.
  5. Develop a Plan for Addiction Treatment.
  6. Get Qualified Addiction Treatment Help for Your Employee Now.

How do you report drugs at work?

The number is: 800-WORKPLACE. An employer’s trade association, or workers’ compensation insurance company may also be able to give helpful advise.

Can I be fired for using Internet at work?

Can an Employee be Dismissed for Using the Internet for Personal Use at Work? Social media or internet misuse may be misconduct amounting to a potentially fair reason for dismissal. Employers should be aware that in some legal cases, doing so has led successful unfair dismissal cases.

How does drug abuse affect students?

Not only can drugs impair teens’ cognitive development, they can also affect students’ performance in school: their ability to memorize things, concentration in the classroom, prioritization of assignments, likelihood to attend class, and even their overall IQ.

What is the significance of substance abuse?

Why Is Substance Abuse Important? Substance abuse has a major impact on individuals, families, and communities. The effects of substance abuse are cumulative, significantly contributing to costly social, physical, mental, and public health problems.

Can you refuse a drugs test at work?

You can’t be made to take a drugs test, but if you refuse when your employer has good grounds for testing you under a proper occupational health and safety policy, you may face disciplinary action This could include being sacked.