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How long is the Douglas Apsley walk?

How long is the Douglas Apsley walk?

This approximately 12-kilometer loop takes a rewarding route through Freycinet National Park, visiting pristine light sand beaches at Hazards Beach and the renowned Wineglass Bay. This 0.9-mile walk visits two impressive features on the coast of the Tasman Peninsula, a natural bridge and a chasm carved by the sea.

What to do in Douglas Apsley?

Experiences in Douglas-Apsley National Park Gently stroll through open woodland before reaching Apsley River at the waterhole, stop here and take a dip. Or cross the river on a walk through dry, open forest before descending back to the river at the Apsley Gorge.

How do I get to friendly beaches?

Getting There The dirt road that leads to Friendly Beaches can be found 26 kilometres north of the town of Cole’s Bay. You’ll have to drive a few minutes on a dirt road to get to the carpark so make sure you have a reliable car. From the carpark, it’s just five more minutes walking to the secluded beach.

How do I get to Cape HAUY?

You can get a great view of Cape Hauy in the spectacular Tasman National Park as you travel to the Tasman Peninsula. To get this view, make a short detour, from the Arthur Highway (A9), to the Pirates Bay lookout just before Eaglehawk Neck. The walk to Cape Hauy leaves from Fortescue Bay 15km further south.

Is Freycinet National Park open?

Freycinet National Park is administered by the Parks and Wildlife Service of Tasmania. Open from 8am-5pm in November through to April and 9am-4pm from May to October, the visitor centre is well worth a visit, retelling the region’s cultural and natural heritage through creative displays.

Is Friendly beaches Tasmania dog friendly?

There are many dog-friendly beaches in Tasmania, including off-leash areas at St Helens, Bicheno, and Scamander. Check the relevant council website to find the nearest ones to you.

Can you walk the three capes for free?

Thanks! You can still walk the three capes without paying the money. You just can’t stay in the huts and use the facilities. Cape Huay and Cape Raoul are day walks and Cape Pillar needs an overnight stay in a tent in the campsite provided.

Can you climb Cradle Mountain?

The Cradle Mountain Hike takes, on average, between 5 and 8 hours to climb. It is a 12 km return walk covering an elevation of 747 m and is classed as difficult. However, the difficulties of the Cradle Mountain hike aren’t in the distance, but in the nature of the trail itself.

Do you need a park pass to go to Wineglass Bay?

The park is best known for the stunning beauty of Wineglass Bay – its crystal-clear waters and curvaceous white beach is one of Tasmania’s most celebrated views. A valid parks pass is required for entry to Tasmania’s national parks.

Can dogs Go to Bay of Fires?

At the other end of the state, Bay of Fires is dog friendly, as long as you do not let them into the national park. Along the east coast a number of camping spots are good for dogs, including Douglas River near Bicheno, while south of Hobart, on the east coast, Bruny Island has camping spots that welcome dogs.

Are dogs allowed on Shelly Beach?

Shelly Beach You’ll find this dog-friendly beach between Russell Street and Victoria Terrace (beach access 276 to 281). Off leash times are from 4pm to 8am between May and October, so make sure to time your visit right.

Where is Douglas Apsley National Park in Tasmania?

Douglas-Apsley National Park is mid-way up the east coast of Tasmania, about 2¼ hours from Launceston and slightly longer from Hobart. The Apsley Waterhole, at the southern end of the park, is reached by taking the Rosedale Road off the A3 Tasman Highway about 3km north of Bicheno.

Where do you find the Apsley Gorge walk?

A surprisingly adventurous circuit walk in Douglas-Apsley National Park, the Apsley Gorge Walk explores a beautiful section of the Apsley River. Starting near the Apsley Waterhole, the track initially passes through forest before descending to the gorge and following the riverbed to complete the circuit.

Do you need a parks pass to visit Douglas Apsley?

Douglas-Apsley National Park may fly under the radar, but it protects an important swathe of dry eucalypt forest as well as numerous rare and endangered plants and animals. A valid parks pass is required for entry to Tasmania’s national parks. Choose from a range of pass options to best meet your needs.

How did Douglas Apsley National Park get its name?

The Leeaberra Track – named after the Aboriginal word for the Douglas River – is a reminder of the park’s rich pre-settlement and pre-industrial history. Douglas-Apsley is one of Tasmania’s newer national parks.