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How many MPG does a Winnebago View get?

How many MPG does a Winnebago View get?

A Fuel Efficient Mercedes Benz at 16-18 MPG Includes Permanent Sleeping!

How much does a new Winnebago View cost?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $148,851 $106,600
Options (Add)
Total Price $148,851 $106,600

Does the Winnebago View have a generator?

As for its electrical system, View uses 2 deep-cycle Group 31 RV batteries, a 3,600-watt Cummins Onan® MicroQuiet™ LP generator, a 2,000-watt pure sine wave DC/AC inverter, two 100-watt solar panel and plug for additional portable solar panel.

How much can a Winnebago View tow?

GCWR is the unloaded vehicle weight rating + the occupant and cargo carrying capacity+ any towed vehicles (GVWR + any towed vehicles. ) 15,250 lbs. Towing Capabilities – The View and Navion both have a factory installed 5,000 lb. tow package.

What class RV is a view?

Class C RV
Winnebago View | Class C RV | Diesel Motorhome.

How much is a 2020 Winnebago?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $163,016 $130,750
Options (Add)
Total Price $163,016 $130,750

How much does a 2020 Winnebago cost?

How many seat belts does a Winnebago View have?

When you enter the RV, you will see the u-shaped dinette and the slide out wardrobe on each end. The dinette seating has three sets of seat belts to keep passengers safe while the RV is moving.

How much does a Winnebago view 24J cost?

LCD TV Cabover Bed BenchMark Dinette Slideout Refrigerator Rear Corner Bath w/Sho… RV: $120K2018 Winnebago View 24J, class C RV: A/C heat pumpPropane generatorHeated drainage systemExtended warranty thru Oct 2022*RV/car/tow package:

How big is a Winnebago view Class C motorhome?

2022 Winnebago View 24J, Winnebago View Class C diesel motorhome 24J highlights: 50″ x 79″ Bed Pantry U-Shaped Dinette Swivel Cab Seats Bunk Ove… NO DELIVERY MILES! NO DELIVERY MILES!

Where can I buy a 2008 Winnebago view?

2008 Winnebago View 24J, Used Winnebago View For Sale Used 2008 Winnebago View 24J for sale in Washington at Johnson RV® #16513RC Single 2008 Winnebago View 24J, 2008 Winnebago View 24J Catch a glimpse of the View.

How many days have I traveled in my Winnebago view?

In those two years, I’ve logged about 40,000 miles and spent over 300 days traveling in the View. It’s worked out to be a great motorhome for my travel lifestyle .