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How much does it cost for a solid axle swap?

How much does it cost for a solid axle swap?

The process generally costs around $2500-$3000, depending on how involved the engineer needs to be throughout. However, it’s a vital component to ensure the vehicle is legal and safely built.

Do Chevy trucks have a solid front axle?

The Chevy has an independent front suspension and a solid rear axle with an automatic mechanical rear locking differential. This truck has the lowest ground clearance of these three (still very good 10.8 inches). The Ford F-250 heavy duty truck is the largest and the tallest truck here.

Why is solid axle better off-road?

When it comes to off-road travel, as one side of the solid axle is forced up or down, the other side is forced in the opposite direction. IFS doesn’t operate this way because each side is working independently. This means that the solid axle has more chance of traction than with an IFS rig.

What does SAS mean 4×4?

SAS = Solid axle swap, IFS = Independent front suspension.

What year did Chevy stop using solid front axle?

Looks like 91 (Seventh generation 1973–1991)was the last year for solid front axles and the last year of the really square body style.

What trucks still have solid front axle?

Even though we are now down to just three new vehicle models available with a solid front axle in the U.S.—Jeep Wrangler, Ford Super Duty, and Ram heavy-duty trucks (four if you count the über-expensive Mercedes G-class)—we’re still huge proponents of the driven beam axle construction for off-road use.

What is the best 4WD ever made?

  • 2 – Toyota Land Cruiser 40 Series: The Rising Son.
  • 3 – Land Rover: Earth Roamer.
  • 4 – Range Rover (1970): Master class.
  • 5 – Toyota Hilux: Workers’ Choice.
  • 6 – Nissan Patrol GQ: Coils for the spoil.
  • 7 – Toyota Land Cruiser 60 Series: Broadening the family tree.

Is there a solid axle swap kit for a Chevy Tahoe?

Solid axle swap kit for your 88-98 full size Chevy. Fits all frames 1500 through 3500 ratings. Tahoe and Suburban may require additional drilling. Kit includes front hangers, rear hangers, 6″ crosstied shackles, poly urethane bushings and all the hardware to bolt it to the frame and 9/16″ non greasable hardware.

Where can I buy a straight axle swap kit?

We sell many parts, pieces and kits to help you complete your Straight Axle Swap project on many different vehicles! Give us a call if you have any questions, 530-268-9494.

Can a solid axle be used on an 88-98 Chevy?

Our solid axle conversion kit allows you to remove the stock independent front suspension from your ’88-98 Chevy and replace it with a solid axle. Choose an Option…

What kind of axle does a Chevy 3500 use?

The 31.5″ spring pad width axles are ’70’s Ford front axles (Dana 44 or Dana 60), the most desirable being the ’77-79 axles as they are high pinion with disc brakes. You will want to use an axle that came with leaf springs, the coil spring/radius arm axles don’t work.