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Is there any syllabus for CSS?

Is there any syllabus for CSS?

A candidate, appearing in CSS Exam, must study the syllabus thoroughly….COMPULSORY SUBJECTS (600 MARKS)

Code No. Subjects Marks
1. English Essay 100
2. English (Precis and Composition) 100
3. General Science & Ability 100
4. Current Affairs 100

What are the subjects for CSS?


Subject Marks
Accountancy & Auditing 200
Economics 200
Computer Science 200
Political Science 200

Which subject is best for CSS?

08 High Scoring Subjects in CSS Exams

  • Anthropology. Anthropology is a new subject in the list of CSS optional subjects.
  • Criminology.
  • Geography.
  • Political Science.
  • Regional languages.
  • Sociology.
  • Psychology.
  • 08 High Scoring Subjects in CSS.

What is the qualification for CSS?

Qualification: The candidate must have a Bachelor’s degree with at least 2nd division from a university that is recognized by HEC. A candidate with 3rd division in the Bachelor’s degree can apply for the exam if he/she has secured a higher division in the Master’s degree.

Can I do CSS after FSC?

According to my knowledge the best fields after FSC for cracking CSS are International relations, Governance, Public administration and Public policy. Similarly for Pakistan Administrative Service ( PAS ) BBA and Bachelor in Economics or Public Administration are good to go.

What is the salary of CSS officer in Pakistan?

Furthermore, once their training is completed, a CSS Officer is posted in BS-17 either in the field or in the headquarters. The average starting salary of a CSS officer currently is around Rs30,000 these days.

Who held the exam of CSS?

CSS Exam is conducted by Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) Islamabad for the recruitment of candidates to posts (BS-17) in the following services under the Federal Government.

Is CSS difficult to pass?

Out of which only 379 candidates passed the written exam. It is very easy to qualify CSS exam, provided that you make preparation in proper lines. Most of the students do not qualify CSS exam despite their hard work because they do not make preparation in proper lines.

Is the Central Superior Service of Pakistan abbreviated as CSS?

The Central Superior Service of Pakistan abbreviated as CSS is both a promising and a challenging career which affords golden opportunities for self-aggrandisement and service to countrymen. To become a CSP officer in Pakistan is a cherished dream that can be realized only through CSS.

When is FPSC CSS exam held in Pakistan?

FPSC CSS (Central Superior Services) is the civil service of Pakistan that is responsible for running the civilian bureaucratic operations and government secretariats and directorates of the Cabinet of Pakistan. CSS exam is held in February every year in 19 test centers across Pakistan.

What’s the purpose of Civil Services exam in Pakistan?

Pakistan today needs young men and women, with qualities of both head and heart. To choose only such balanced individuals is the purpose of the civil services examination.

When did the term ” Central Superior Services ” come about?

The term “CSS” emerged during the first public examination of the civil service for the appointment on posts at officer entry-level in the occupational groups of All-Pakistan Unified Group (APUG).