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What are some pretty French girl names?

What are some pretty French girl names?

What are some pretty French girl names?

  • Anaïs: Meaning grace.
  • Avriel/Avril/Avryll: Meaning spring and April.
  • Chloé: Meaning flourishing and blooming.
  • Coralie: Meaning coral.
  • Coraline: Meaning coral.
  • Esme: Meaning esteemed, beloved; or emerald.
  • Esmée: Meaning beloved one.
  • Fayette: Meaning a little fairy.

What name means pretty in French?

Belle is a French word which means ‘beautiful’.

What are the top 100 female names?

The 100 Most Popular Names for Girls (According to the SSA):

  • Olivia.
  • Emma.
  • Ava.
  • Sophia.
  • Isabella.
  • Charlotte.
  • Amelia.
  • Mia.

What are the ten most popular girls names in France?


  • Alice is popular all around the world.
  • Chloe.
  • Adele.
  • Francoise.
  • Bernadette.
  • Madeline.
  • Aimee.
  • Ninon.
  • Audrey.
  • What is a good female French name?

    11 Beautiful French Names and What They Mean Aimée. Female | The French form for Amy, meaning ‘beloved’ | pronounced e-me. Anaïs Corentin. Male | Of Breton origin derived from the word for ‘friend’ or possibly ‘hurricane’ | pronounced kaw-rahn-ten. Delphine. Étienne. Lucien. Maël. Océane. Thibault.

    What are the most popular female names?

    America’s most popular girls’ name, according to Google searches, is Elizabeth, followed by Olivia and Emma. The Queen’s moniker is especially popular in North Carolina and Kentucky.

    What are some unique girl names?

    Along with Bay and Bee, unique nature names for girls we may see taking off include Fleur, Garnet, Lilac, Marine, Petal, and Solstice. Unique girl names with celebrity ties also have a better-than-average chance of becoming, well, less unique. These include Blue, Banks, Eleven, Tilda , and Winslet .