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What are the long term after effects of a seizure?

What are the long term after effects of a seizure?

Long lasting seizures, or status epilepticus, may also cause brain damage or death. People with epilepsy are eight times more likely than people without it to experience certain other chronic conditions, including dementia, migraine, heart disease, and depression.

Is it normal to be very tired after a seizure?

You may be tired or sleepy after the seizure. This is called the postictal period.

Can a seizure change your personality?

When epilepsy affects you for long periods, you may notice changes in your behavior, your feelings, and in how you see the world. Feelings of depression or anxiety are especially common. A few people with epilepsy experience psychosis (losing contact with reality).

Can you snap out of a seizure?

MYTH: You can make a person ‘snap’ out of a seizure. FACT: There is nothing you can do to stop a seizure. The best thing to do is stay with the person and talk to them calmly. Ensure they are safe and be supportive and reassuring once they are aware of their surroundings.

How do you feel after having a seizure?

Jerome Engel defines the postictal state as “manifestations of seizure-induced reversible alterations in neuronal function but not structure.”. Commonly after a seizure, a person feels mentally and physically exhausted for up to one or two days.

Is it possible to have a seizure without losing consciousness?

Yes, you can have a seizure and NOT lose consciousness or even awareness of where you are and what you are doing. It is called partial complex epilepsy, and yes, it can progress to grand mal.

Do you go to hospital after a seizure?

Unless your seizure hasn’t stopped after 5 minutes or they stop-start, that’s considered a medical emergency. Or if you’ve been badly injured, especially a head injury. If you just have ep with no coexisiting complications it’s a waste of everyone’s time to go to the ER after every sz, there’s nothing they can do anyway.

Why do you get tired after a seizure?

Anyway, it’s because seizures are usually where your muscles go into a spasm meaning they are getting used too fast and causes them to wear out, making you feel tired. Same as exercise, if you will.