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What does Destralos mean?

What does Destralos mean?

“destralos” in English. destral{masculine} small hatchet. destral{masculine} destral.

What do Bandido patches mean?

The meaning of the “1%” patch is plain enough — as described above, it’s a reference to the group’s outlaw status. The MC part stands for “Motorcycle Club.” As for the guy pictured, well, it’s supposed to be a physical representation of a Bandido, unavoidably coming across as racist.

Can I wear patches on my vest?

If you want to wear a flag patch, name patch, political statement or even a funny patch, you’re in good shape. You can put those just about anywhere on a jacket or vest. If you’re riding, the patches will be subjected to heat, rain, wind and other factors that can wear them down.

What is a Bandido one percenter?

Like other outlaw motorcycle clubs, they call themselves “one percenters”, a phrase coined by the former president of the American Motorcyclist Association who once stated that 99 percent of motorcyclists were law-abiding citizens and 1 percent “outlaws.”

Where did the Velcro Morale patches come from?

Velcro backed Morale Patches gained popularity during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In the last several years they have become as popular with civilians and law enforcement as they have been with the military and special forces.

Are there any Outlaw MC patches left in stock?

Only 1 left in stock – order soon. . fuck off! I Don’t like you Funny patch Motorcycles Outlaw Hog MC Biker Rider Hippie Punk Rock iron on patch / Sew On Patch Clothes Bag T-Shirt Jeans Biker Badge Applique . . .

Where can I get the best Morale patches?

At Tactical Shit, we curate the best morale patches as they happen from hundreds of manufacturers world wide including Violent Little Machine Shop, Milspec Monkey, Dumb Box and more. You can put Morale patches on just about anything from hats to plate carriers to combat shirts and even wall panels.

How big are the Morale patches in Empire tactical?

Sick Horror Movie Icon Patches (choose) PVC Morale patches! Sold Out – Check back soon! Sold Out – Check back soon! Shut The Fuck UP – STFU – Lets Dance 3.5″ x 2″ PVC Morale Patch Fisticuffs with Blood red Stitching.