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What is Citrix load evaluator?

What is Citrix load evaluator?

Citrix Load Management is handled by load evaluator and its simply a set of rules that determine a particular server’s “score”, or current load value. It is the “score” that determine the decisions that distribute loads within the server farm. Load evaluators can be applied to servers and/or published applications.

What is Citrix load index?

VDA load index is a key component of load management feature which determines how likely a Virtual Server Agent (VDA) is to receive connections. Load Management uses the server load index to assign the user to the VDA that is best suited to handle user request.

What is FMA in Citrix?

The FlexCast Management Architecture (FMA) is a service-oriented architecture that allows interoperability and management modularity across Citrix technologies. FMA provides a platform for application delivery, mobility, services, flexible provisioning, and cloud management.

How does Citrix director work?

Director uses a troubleshooting dashboard that provides real-time and historical health monitoring of the Citrix Virtual Apps or Desktops Site. This feature allows you to see failures in real time, providing a better idea of what the end users are experiencing.

What is load throttling in Citrix?

Load Throttling, which specifies the impact that logging on has on load and limits the number of concurrent connection attempts the server is expected to handle.

What is load balancing in Citrix?

Load balancing is defined as the methodical and efficient distribution of network or application traffic across multiple servers in a server farm. Each load balancer sits between client devices and backend servers, receiving and then distributing incoming requests to any available server capable of fulfilling them.

How do I check my Citrix load?

Issuing the qfarm /load command displays the load for all servers in the farm. The qfarm /app command displays the load for all applications and servers in the farm. All Apps in the following screen shot show a load of 99999, as no load evaluator is assigned to any of the applications.

How does Citrix load balance?

In a basic load balancing setup, clients send their requests to the IP address of a virtual server configured on the Citrix ADC appliance. The virtual server distributes them to the load-balanced application servers according to a preset pattern, called the load balancing algorithm.

What is session Sharing in Citrix?

Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop 7.17 allows you to enable session sharing between a published desktop and application in a double hop scenario with almost no administrative effort. For your end users, this means that a published app available locally in their published desktop will be started within the same session.

What is Datastore in Citrix?

The data store is the central repository where almost the entire Citrix implementation is invested. Data Collector stores all the dynamic information like session, load and published applications in the servers in their zones and communicates the zone information to the Data Collectors in other zones in the farm.

Is Citrix director free?

Why Use Citrix Director? Because it’s free: Citrix Director is built-into Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop. It doesn’t require any external agents to be deployed: Citrix Director uses instrumentation built into the Citrix FlexCast Management Architecture (FMA). No additional agents need to be deployed for it to work.

How do I get Citrix director access?

To resolve this issue, grant the user correct Role to access the Director. To do this – launch Citrix Studio, navigate to Configuration -> Administrators, to add and configure the user with appropriate role.

What does a load of 10000 mean in Citrix?

A load of 10000 means server is full and users will be directed to other servers within the same delivery group. What you want to do is use the Load Evaluator policies found in Citrix Computer policy settings and configure values for CPU and memory.

Why is the Citrix director load evaluator off?

The reason I ask is becuase the CPU is around 100% and RAM is around 70%. If 10 users are placing this large of a load on both the CPUs and RAM, then this load evaluator may be off, depending on what load it is evaluating. The attachment shows this better than I can describe. Thanks for the help!

Where do I find the load index in Citrix studio?

In Citrix Studio, you can go to the Server OS Machines view and right-click on the columns and select “Load Index” to see the current load of each server. You will have to run gpupdate /force /target:computer on your XA servers after editing the policies, and it might take a few minutes for the load to update.

Which is the default load evaluator for Xa?

The default load evaluator being used on XA target machines is the Session Count one, where each session increases the value by 40 (if I recall correctly). A load of 10000 means server is full and users will be directed to other servers within the same delivery group.