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What is the meaning of regret in train reservation?

What is the meaning of regret in train reservation?

When the maximum wait list number defined for a train is reached for a particular day’s journey, the reservation system refuses to accept any more requests for that day. In such cases, this is shown as ‘REGRET’ in the reservation status.

Will waiting list 20 get confirmed?

Tickets on this list will advance to confirmed only if someone who else with a booked tatkal ticket cancels, so the chance of getting your ticket confirmed is small if your waiting list position is greater than 10.

Can we travel with waiting list ticket?

* No waitlisted ticket holder will be allowed to travel, according to the new rules. These passengers will, however, get a full refund from the Railways. * Introduction of waiting lists will also lead to reducing the queues for confirmed tickets significantly.

What happens if WL ticket is not confirmed?

If your ticket remains fully waitlisted after chart preparation, it will be canceled automatically and your money will be refunded into the account which was used at the time of booking. Book train tickets at MakeMyTrip and get ₹50 off at first booking. My train got cancelled.

What are the basic requirements for means of egress?

However, there are some basic requirements that apply to most, if not all, means of egress evaluations. These basic requirements are listed below and are meant to help facility managers and designers recognize that a room or space is obviously over capacity, or that a second means of egress will be necessary.

What is the meaning of regret / wl 1?

When it is REGRET, one cannot book from PRS also. As i written in my first reply Railway has right to unlock such REGRET/WL 1 to facilitate booking if need arises.The CRS has special power to unlock any REGRET status to book ticket (2562 is famous for such booking from BSB for general SL Quota).after booking the status becomes REGRET again.

How is the capacity of an egress system calculated?

Egress Capacity: The number of people for which the egress system is credited. Egress capacity is calculated based on the available width of egress components (doors, stairs, corridors, walkways, etc.). Further requirements in Chapter 7 of NFPA 101 provide the details for calculating egress capacity of the space.

How many people can egress through a classroom door?

For example, if the exit door from a classroom is 32 inches wide, a maximum of 160 occupants could egress through that door. Of course, this is also restricted by other rules above. For instance, if there were only one door, no matter how wide, the maximum number of occupants would still be limited to 50.