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Who is the owner of RTL TV channel?

Who is the owner of RTL TV channel?

RTL is a free-to-air television channel from Germany, owned and operated by the RTL Group. It was launched on January 2, 1984 as RTL Plus, but it would later be rebranded as RTL Television in 1992. The channel would undergo one more rebranding, which led to adopting its current name in 2004.

How did the German TV channel RTL get its rights?

RTL moved to Cologne and received the right to broadcast on free-to-air frequencies. That same year, RTL acquired the first-run rights to the German Football First Division. Deals with Cannon and Universal Studios finally provided more high-profile films for the channel.

Are there any movies on the RTL channel?

In the past, RTL has aired movies produced by Universal Studios and Walt Disney Pictures. The channel has also added soap operas, reality shows, regional programs, and comedy shows. RTL also added sports coverage to its programming in the past. Sports coverage by this channel has included Bundesliga games.

Is the Europa League live on RTL TV?

* Got it Live Soccer TV does not provide RTL Television live streaming. The information provided on this page is simply RTL Television soccer TV schedule. RTL Group has acquired exclusive German rights to the UEFA Europa League and UEFA Europa Conference League competitions.

RTL (called RTL plus from 1984–1992 and RTL Television from 1992–2004) is a German free-to-air television channel owned by the RTL Group and is the largest private network in Germany. The channel started broadcasting on 2 January 1984 from VHF channel E7 (system B, colour PAL) in Luxembourg.

How old is the average viewer of RTL?

In 2012, RTL made a deal with Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures to air films from its media library until 2016, when it switched to Universal, as Disney Channel was relaunched as a free-to-air channel competing with RTL. The average age of the viewers is 48.9 years (as of 2016). ^ Roxborough, Scott (1 February 2012).

What was the first TV show on RTL?

RTL, which began as the German version of Radio Luxembourg, started with a low budget, and many of the early hosts simply presented versions of their radio formats adapted for television. One early success was the quiz show Ein Tag wie kein anderer (A day like no other), in which contestants competed for a holiday.