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Who uses the slogan Kid tested mother approved?

Who uses the slogan Kid tested mother approved?

The slogan for Kix Cereal, “Kid Tested… Mother Approved”, is explained on the back of cereal boxes: “Kids like the crisp corn crunch… moms like that Kix has 3 grams of sugar, with no added colors or flavors.”

What is child tested mother approved?

Its slogan, “Kid tested, Mother approved,” is well known in the United States, and is meant to suggest that children generally enjoy the cereal and their mothers, who are naturally concerned about the health of their children, approve of its ingredients.

Why did Kix change their slogan?

Introduced in 1979, the first Kix slogan was “Kid-Tested. Mother-Approved.” Almost 40 years later, Kix decided to change their tagline. In an attempt to keep up with the times and stay politically correct, Kix changed their slogan to “Kid-Tested.

How did Kix cereal get its name?

Kix was the first puffed corn cereal ever made, according to a General Mills blog. By that time, Quaker had already introduced puffed rice and wheat. James jumped on it and developed a “puffing gun” that spit out batches of round puffed corn pellets that came to be called Kix.

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Did Kix used to say Kid tested mother approved?

The slogan “Kid Tested. Mother Approved.” was introduced in 1978. During the 1980s, television commercials included the jingle “Kids love Kix for what Kix has got. Moms love Kix for what Kix has not,” the latter a reference to its claims of no added food coloring or flavors.

Is Kix a gf?

With this change, now all of the Kix cereals – original Kix, Honey Kix and Berry Berry Kix – do not contain gluten ingredients. Note that unlike General Mills’ recently reformulated Chex cereals, none of the Kix cereals are specifically labeled gluten free.

What is the Kix slogan?

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