Are belVita breakfast biscuits bad for you?

Are belVita breakfast biscuits bad for you?

And despite the promises on the packaging touting them as a health food, with their added sugar and unpronounceable ingredients, they’re not even that good for you.

Can you eat belVita for breakfast?

belVita Breakfast Biscuits 4 HOURS OF NUTRITIOUS STEADY ENERGY. One of the unique benefits of belVita Breakfast Biscuits is the 4 hours of nutritious steady energy they provide all morning long. Whether you’re a health professional or a health-motivated individual, bite into the benefits of a belVita morning!

When did mondelez buy belVita?

Kraft Foods — which split into Mondelez International and Kraft Foods Group in 2012 — acquired Danone’s biscuit and cereal business for about $7.8 billion in 2007. In 2010, Petit Dejeuner was rebranded as belVita.

What do you eat with belVita breakfast biscuits?

My favorite breakfast combination is the belVita Crunchy Golden Oat Breakfast Biscuits topped with low-fat yogurt and fresh slices of apples and pears. This recipe is super easy to make and complements the crunchy biscuits perfectly.

Is belVita actually good for you?

The belVita Fruit & Fibre product contains more than 4g of dietary fibre in a serve, which is a ‘good source’ according to the food standards code.

What do you eat with BelVita breakfast biscuits?

Why is it called belVita?

True, the names have different etymologies: “Velveeta” is meant to suggest “velvet-smooth texture,” while “belVita” is a compression of bella vita, Italian for “beautiful life.” But in a radio ad, I’d challenge you to hear the difference in their pronunciation.

Who is belVita owned by?

Mondelez International
BelVita, a breakfast biscuit owned by Mondelez International, has doubled it’s global annual sales since launching in the U.S. in 2012 and stolen market share from American cereal makers, according to an article in the Chicago Tribune.