How do you get medals in Strike Force Heroes?

How do you get medals in Strike Force Heroes?

Basic Medals Complete all Challenge Missions. Reach level 30 with any Soldier. Complete all Missions on Hard. Complete all Missions on Insane.

How do you get the game breaker medal in Strike Force Heroes 2?

Game Breaker — When playing on the Base map, have a level 16+ Engineer and have the Tesla Coil killstreak on. When you got the streak up, go to the spring couch in the middle and put it there.

How do you unlock the veg guy in sfh2?

Here is how you obtain them. Vegetable Guy – Use a Mercenary with a Fully Automatic MG and go to map Market. You will see two fruit stands in the middle of the map. Unload all your bullets in these two fruit stands till there are no fruits left.

How do you unlock mods in Strike Force Heroes 2?

To use a mod, go to the Custom Game screen….Is unlocked by obtaining the Party Time medal.

  1. Each time a soldier is (re)spawned, he is assigned a random primary and secondary weapons.
  2. Available weapons include all usual primary and secondary weapons, as well as Dooty Launcher, Sheep Cannon, Magic Wand and Ban Hammer.

What does sky9 mod do in Strike Force Heroes?

This mod makes a dead character fly around or high in the air after being pushed by powerful weapon like Shotguns or Explosives. It is recommended to use to reach Future Soldier’s helmet.

How do you unlock the wizardry mod?

Thumbs Up! is one of three secret achievements required to unlock Wizardry mod. To unlock Thumbs up!, the player needs to jump down the lava pit in the very right corner of the Volcano map, and melee attack a golden fist hidden in rockwork.

How do you get the Fiesta mod in Strike Force Heroes 3?

This mod is unlocked when the Cold Feet! medal is unlocked.

Medals are unlockable achievements, which are earned by completing certain tasks in the game . The End? — To earn this medal, complete the Campaign. This can be completed on any difficulty. Strike Force Hero — This medal is awarded for defeating the creators of the game (which is the last challenge ).

What are the secret achievements of Strike Force Heroes?

If you cannot complete the secret achievements of Strike force Heroes You have come to the right place.I explain these secret achievements to you. In the Caverns map, stand on the hole with water spurting out of it for approximately 10 seconds. It unlocks the Sky9 mod, which exaggerates physics.

How do you play Strike Force Heroes Online?

Just hit the play button above on your computer’s browser windows and the game will start going on your computer. There are several games modes and you need to choose one what you can handle accordingly your expertise. If you have had played a game like this, you should go with the campaign mode of the game.

How to reach level 50 in Strike Force Heroes?

Reach level 50 with any soldier. Buy all primary guns with any soldier. Buy all killstreaks with any soldier. Buy all skills with any soldier. Hold the flow. There is a water spout in the middle of the ” Caverns” map. Stand on it and crouch down for approximately 5 seconds.