How many groups are in WGI?

How many groups are in WGI?

Founded in 1993, the WGI Percussion division has grown at an exponential rate beginning with 9 ensembles at the first World Championships to nearly 500 Percussion groups competing with WGI today. The WGI competitive season begins in February and finishes in April at the Percussion World Championships.

Where are WGI finals held?

University of Dayton Arena
WGI Color Guard World Championships The Color Guard World Championships Expo will be held at the University of Dayton Arena on April 7-9, 2022.

What does the i stand for in WGI?

WGI — Working Group on Informatics. WGI — Welcome to Geovariances International. WGI — World Guard International. WGI — Working Group I. WGI — Wyoming Geographic Information.

What is an indoor percussion section Indoor Drumline according to WGI?

An indoor percussion ensemble or indoor drumline consists of the marching percussion (also called the “battery”) and front ensemble (also called pit or front line) sections. Many ensembles, like color guards, are attached to a competing marching band or drum corps.

What is the highest score in WGI history?

With a score of 98.613, Chino Hills now sets the record for the highest score in WGI’s history in the Percussion Scholastic World division.

What is the age limit for WGI?

23 years
Independent Open Class color guards from the United States may utilize performers not over 23 years of age as of 12:01 a.m. on April 1st of any given year. Independent World Class Color guards may compete with performers of any age. Each color guard appearing in a WGI contest shall be prepared to show proof of age.

What does RCC stand for WGI?

2010 WGI Percussion Temecula Regional – PIW Runner-up. 2010 WGI Percussion Riverside Regional – PIW Runner-up. 2010 SCPA Championship Finals – PIW Silver Medalist. 2009. 2009 WGI Percussion World Championships – PIW Silver Medalist.

What WGI 2020?

WGI Sport of the Arts, the world’s leader in producing indoor marching arts events for color guard, percussion ensembles and winds groups, announced today the next step in a continuing strategic partnership with Indoor Music Games (IMG).

How much does WGI cost?

Entry fee per color guard for the World Championships is $525.00. World Championship entries postmarked after December 15 are $625.00. Checks must be made out to WGI and payable in US Funds only. Entry fees may also be paid by Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

What is Pulse Percussion?

Pulse Percussion is a youth-arts organization dedicated to providing students the highest level of performance and development opportunities through multiple musical channels including competitive indoor percussion ensembles, educational clinics and other outreach activities nationwide.

Why was Winter Guard International ( WGI ) founded?

WGI was founded in 1977 as a response to the inconsistent adjudication and incompatible rules of competition between various regional governing bodies and competition circuits which made it difficult for color guards to compete nationally.

Who are the members of Winter Guard International?

Winter Guard International ( WGI) is an American performing arts association, governing body, and the producer of regional championship events for three activities: color guard (known as winter guard ), percussion ensembles, and small marching bands (known as winds).

What was the National Color Guard Championship before WGI?

Prior to the formation of WGI, national color guard championships, or other high-prestige championships, were held in conjunction with drum corps or marching band championships, such as: VFW, American Legion, or CYO national championships, or the U.S. Open or World Open Championships.

When was the first WGI marching band championship?

The first WGI World Championship was held in 1978, with championships for percussion ensembles beginning in 1992, and winds in 2015. A series of fall marching band regional competitions, known as the “WGI Friendship Cup”, were hosted until 2003.