How much is a Kangal in Turkey?

How much is a Kangal in Turkey?

The rareness of the breed also drive up its prices; a single Kangal pup may cost anywhere from $1,200 to $4,000. If you’re interested in owning one of this breed, make sure to find out about any breed-specific laws in your area.

Can I get a Kangal from Turkey?

There currently are legal restrictions concerning the export of Kangal dogs from Turkey. People who are considering bringing Kangal dogs out of Turkey need to be aware of this, and check with local contacts to ensure that they will not run into problems at customs.

How much do Kangal dogs sell for?

A Kangal Shepherd Dog puppy from a reputable breeder costs around $800 to $1,300. If you are looking for a Kangal puppy that comes from a superior bloodline, expect to pay around $1,700 to $5,000.

Is Kangal Kurdish or Turkish?

Kangal Shepherd Dog

Origin Turkey

Where is Kangal banned?

Finding trustworthy Kangal breeders High regard for purebred Kangals is important for the conservation of the breed’s quality. Turkey has also banned the export of Kangals to preserve the breed’s pedigree. That’s why these dogs are rare in the US.

How much do Kangal puppies cost?

Kangal Shepherd Dog vs. Anatolian Shepherd vs. Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Kangal Shepherd Dog Anatolian Shepherd Dog Caucasian Shepherd Dog
$600 – $800 $500 – $600 $1,500 – $2,500
Giant Large Giant

Are there any Turkish Kangal Dogs for sale in the UK?

Pets4Homes found 6 Turkish Kangal Dogs and Puppies for sale in the UK . Read our Turkish Kangal Buying Advice page for information on this dog breed.

Where did the Turkish Kangal LGD come from?

Many of the LGDs come from countries that had eradicated the wolves 50-70 years ago, allowing dogs to be bred that lacked true testing. This is not the case with the Turkish Kangal.

How big does a kangal dog get to be?

These are giant dogs of ancient ancestry. They can mature to a height of 28-34 inches and 90-140 lbs. They are powerful and well-muscled dogs, capable of running with speed and agility. Kangal Dogs have a distinctive black mask and fawn body color.

Are there any Kangal malakli pups for sale?

Kangal malakli pups, 2 chunky males and female,. Both mum and dad can be seen. These dogs are big strong loyal and very intelligent. Do well in the home environment. Pups will come first vaccination, chip,worm,flea and basic obeadance trainning.