How often is the Ekberg Cafe in Helsinki Open?

How often is the Ekberg Cafe in Helsinki Open?

The Ekberg Café is open every day, with only certain holidays as an exception. Our mornings begin with an appetizing and plentiful Helsinki breakfast or Helsinki brunch, which is served from our buffet from Monday to Sunday. A lunch buffet is served on weekdays between 11:00 and 14:00.

Where does the coffee at Ekberg come from?

Our sustainably farmed, organic Arabica coffee blend originates from Latin America and Sumatra. The beans are all picked, sorted and handled by hand. A pinch of hazelnut and tones of dark chocolate reveal themselves under its soft and rich taste.

Is it worth it to go to Ekberg?

Dear MN00000, Thank you for your visit at Ekberg and for taking the time to leave a review. We are sorry to hear about your bad experience. After discussion with our personnel, it seems that you have visited the take away -coffee corner at our… More I used to visit frequently but it’s just not worth it anymore.

Which is the oldest bakery in Finland, Ekberg?

Dear AriHelsinki, Thank you for your visit at Ekberg, and many thanks also for your feedback. As the oldest bakery in Finland, we are proud of our history and our Café interior is kept the same in purpose. We regret to hear you found our… More Don’t know what the fuss is about…

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