Is The Physician based on true story?

Is The Physician based on true story?

This is a fancy story involved with the life of a real Persian person ‘Avicenna’ who was the greatest physician in all the world around thousand years ago. His books were taught around seven hundred years in medicine schools all around the world.

What was the side sickness in The Physician?

In the Eleventh Century, in England, the mother of the boy Rob Cole has side sickness (appendicitis) and he foresees her death when he touches her.

Where was The Physician movie filmed?

The director shot exteriors for the film in Morocco and in Eastern Germany, in one of the last 11th century castles still standing. Visual effects are coming from Pixomondo, Oscar winners for Martin Scorsese’s Hugo and the VFX team behind Game of Thrones.

How long is the movie The Physician?

2h 30m
The Physician/Running time

What was sight sickness?

(iUniverse) Faced with an epidemic of “the white sickness” — an apparently contagious plague in which random citizens become blind — the government rounds up those afflicted, caging them like animals in lawless and inhumane quarantine facilities in this novel.

What was side sickness?

Side sickness was the name given during the Middle Ages to appendicitis, the infection of the appendix which can result in sepsis and death if not…

What was called side sickness?

What was the sickness in 900 AD?

The earliest description of hantavirus infection dates back to China, around the year 900 AD. Hantavirus disease was suggested as a possible cause for the 1862–1863 “war nephritis” epidemic during the American Civil War, during which around 14,000 individuals developed a hantavirus disease-like condition [4,5].

Where was the first hospital in the world?

The earliest documented general hospital was built in 805 in Baghdad. The earliest documented general hospital was built about a century later, in 805, in Baghdad, by the vizier to the caliph Harun al-Rashid.

Who is Rob Cole?

Robert (Rob) Cole is a corporate lawyer turned petroleum industry executive. He is the chair of private Perth-based company GLX Holdings which is establishing an LNG trading exchange, and chair of the Southern Ports Authority for 3 years from 2016 to 2020.

What was the average life expectancy in 1300?

As the BBC reported, the life expectancy at birth for males born between 1276 and 1300 was just over 31 years. But for those who reached age 20, it jumped to 45 years. And if they reached 30, living into their fifties became likely.