What are the steps in the use of force continuum?

What are the steps in the use of force continuum?

Use of Force Continuum

  • Presence: You let the subject see that you are there.
  • Communication: You talk to the subject.
  • Soft Physical Control: You restrain the subject by applying pressure to specific points or by using another similar approach.
  • Hard Physical Control: You hit, kick, or strike the subject.

What are the levels of the use of force continuum?

The levels, or continuum, of force police use include basic verbal and physical restraint, less-lethal force, and lethal force. Learn more about the use-of-force continuum.

What are the 7 levels of force?


  • Level 1 – Officer Presence.
  • Level 2 – Verbalization (Verbal Commands)
  • Level 3 – Empty Hand Control.
  • Level 4 – Less-Lethal Methods.
  • Level 5 – Lethal Force.

What is the lowest level of force continuum?

Mere presence
Mere presence is the lowest level of force on the continuum of force. Almost all urban police departments have enacted restrictive administrative policies regarding the use of deadly force.

What is Level 4 of the force continuum?

Level 4 – Pepper Spray, Baton, Taser Understanding the concept of Force Continuum is important when applying for law enforcement positions.

What is a force continuum in law enforcement?

A use of force continuum is a standard that provides law enforcement officers and civilians with guidelines as to how much force may be used against a resisting subject in a given situation. In some ways, it is similar to the U.S. military ‘s escalation of force (EOF).

What is the definition of force continuum?

The force continuum is a guideline to what would be considered a reasonably necessary responses to a given threat. However, you must remember this is just a guideline and is influenced by a variety of elements. Consequently, understanding the continuum will help you make better force decisions and decrease your response time.

What is the continuum of force?

MCMAP says that, “The continuum of force is the concept that there is a wide range of possible actions, ranging from verbal commands to application of deadly force, which may be used to gain and maintain control of a potentially dangerous situation.”. Further, “Deadly force is that force which a person uses…