What did jonghyun from Cnblue do?

What did jonghyun from Cnblue do?

In August 2019, Lee departed CNBLUE after the backlash over a private direct message towards a YouTuber, and amidst allegations of him viewing illicit videos and having inappropriate sexual conversations degrading women in the Jung Joon-young KakaoTalk chatrooms, a part of Burning Sun scandal.

Who died in Cnblue?

SHINee’s Jonghyun Dies at 27 of Possible Suicide, 2PM, CN Blue and More Are Mourning.

When did Lee Jong Hyun Get Married?

April 7
On April 7, Lee Jung Hyun tied the knot with an orthopedist who’s three years younger than her.

Is Lee Jong-hyun innocent?

According to the FNC ‘s announcement, Lee Jong – hyun denied the allegations because the police did not have any problems with the conversation, and FNC officially responded to Lee Jong – hyun’ s innocence. The FNC said it had contacted Lee Jong-hyun after SBS reported on the 14th.

Is Lee Jong-Hyun innocent?

Who left CNBLUE?

Lee Jong-hyun
Lee Jong-hyun, guitarist and vocalist of Korean pop-rock band CNBlue, just became the latest star to get in trouble over his DMs. The scandal-ridden singer, 29, announced his withdrawal from the band on Aug 28 after creepy messages that he had sent to a YouTuber were leaked.

Will Lee Jong Hyun come back?

Lee Jong Hyun will be discharged from the military without returning to his base from leave. Lee Jong Hyun enlisted in August 2018 as an active duty soldier. In March 2019, he was reported to have received sexual videos of women in a one-on-one chatroom with Jung Joon Young.

How many episodes of CNBLUE is Lee Jong hyun in?

Still in the early days of his acting debut, Lee Jong-hyun only got a small role as the Couple Guy who appeared in episode 4 and 8. Based on the popular webtoon of the same name created by Seok Woo, this drama aired on KBS2 from June to July 2015. There are 12 episodes, each of which is about 50 minutes long.

Who is Lee Jong hyun of FNC Entertainment?

Lee Jong Hyun (이종현) is a South Korean musician, singer-songwriter, and actor under FNC Entertainment. He is a former member of the group CNBLUE . Jonghyun was born on May 15, 1990, in Busan, South Korea.

How old is Lee Jong-hyun from South Korea?

Lee Jong-hyun (May 15, 1990) is a South Korean musician, singer-songwriter and actor.

Which is the best song by Lee Jong hyun?

1 CNBLUE – Blueming “The Seasons” 2 Lee Jong Hyun – Sparkling Night “Shine Drop” “Pina Colada” “Moonlight” “Smile” “I Just Need a…” “Nothing” “Hate… 3 “Shine Drop” 4 “Pina Colada” 5 “Moonlight” 6 “Smile” 7 “I Just Need a…” 8 “Nothing” 9 “Hate You” 10 “Call Me” 11 “Show Me More” More