What do school communities do?

What do school communities do?

Communities in Schools (CIS) is a youth‐serving and dropout prevention organization. The mission of CIS is to link community resources and provide direct services to help young people succeed, stay in school, and prepare for life.

What is the Communities in Schools model?

Working in 2,900 schools across 26 states and the District of Columbia, our evidence-based model connects students to caring adults and community resources to transform how they see and experience the world around them.

What does a school community coordinator do?

The Community School Coordinator (CSC) is responsible for the implementation, integration, alignment, and coordination of the community school strategy at the site level. The CSC is responsible for facilitating the process of transforming the school into a full-service community school.

Why are communities important to schools?

They behave better, attend school more often, are at lower risk of exclusion, are keener to learn and achieve better results. Strong links with the community can make a particular contribution to the work of schools serving disadvantaged communities.

How do you engage a school community?

5 Ways to Involve the Community in Your Classroom

  1. Bring the museum to your students.
  2. Invite local professionals to problem-solve with your students.
  3. Have students interview locals and present to the community.
  4. Invite a professional to lead a workshop.
  5. Involve your students in a local non-profit’s PR campaigns.

What is school and community relations?

School community relationship is a mutual understanding through which the school and the community link with each other for the achievement of goals of the community and school too. School is a social organization functions properly on the effective interrelationship within it and with its associate communities.

Who founded Communities in Schools?

Bill Milliken
Communities In Schools/Founders

Bill Milliken, Founder and Vice Chairman of Communities In Schools, Inc., is one of the nation’s foremost pioneers in the movement to give young people the help they need to graduate from high school and go on to rewarding lives.

What are the benefits of school community relations?

In terms of school-community relations, shared decision-making gives schools the opportunity to improve a positive interaction between schools and their diverse communities. Good community relations is important for any school to really become community learning centers.

What is the role of communities in schools?

Communities In Schools believes that transformative relationships are the key to unlocking a student’s potential. We will succeed by including in our strategies, ingraining in our culture, and reflecting in our behaviors, principles and practices of diversity, equity and inclusion.

What are the duties of a cis site coordinator?

Communities In Schools School Based Site Coordinator Job Description GENERAL DUTIES: Responsible for overall program management of the assigned CIS site(s). The Coordinator will use the CIS Model to identify and access the needs of at-risk youth, while coordinating human service partnerships to delivered required services.

What makes a school succeed as a community?

We will succeed by including in our strategies, ingraining in our culture, and reflecting in our behaviors, principles and practices of diversity, equity and inclusion. As a result, we break down immediate and systemic barriers to create and sustain equitable outcomes.