What does CCL mean in compression socks?

What does CCL mean in compression socks?

Medical compression garments are available in 4 compression classes

Compression class (CCL) Pressure value (ankle) Indications
4 extra strong compression Compression in mmHg: at least 49 Advanced stages of lipoedema/lymphoedema

What is Level 2 compression?

High compression or Medical-Grade Class-II support garments offer a pressure rating of 30-40 mmHg. Some clinics refer to this range as firm compression. These high compression levels can be useful for: Severe cases of edema, varicose veins, DVT, spider veins and progressing lymphedema.

Which is the best compression material for socks?

Medical Grade Class II 30-40 mmHg. When choosing the 30-40 mmHg compression, also be sure to think about what kind of fabric your compression stocking or sock should be. Because the stocking is providing more compression in the 30-40 mmHg strength, it’s a good idea to choose a more durable material.

What does graduated compression mean in compression socks?

Another important detail about compression stockings is that CEP, Juzo, Mediven and Sigvaris all graduate the compression in their compression stockings and socks. Having “graduated compression” means that the compression is strongest at the ankle and gets lighter as you go up the leg.

What are the compression levels in legsmart stockings?

We want to THANK YOU for shopping at LegSmart! Compression levels are indicated with a range of numbers like “20-30 mmHg”, which means that the amount of compression will not fall below 20 mmHg and not exceed 30 mmHg. The unit of measurement is called “millimeters of mercury” which is a measurement of pressure, also used in blood pressure.

What do compression stockings do for your feet?

With a pair of fashionable compression stockings you can enhance the circulation from feet and legs to the heart without it being noticeable to the bare eye. The compression stockings in this category are actually almost identical to ordinary stockings in appearance – however, when it comes to how they function the difference is quite obvious.