What is code Collaborator tool?

What is code Collaborator tool?

Collaborator is the premier peer code & document review tool for development teams that take software quality seriously. Comprehensive Review Capabilities – Review source code, design docs, requirements, user stories, test plans, and documentation in one tool.

Is code Collaborator free?

Collaborator Community is a free code review tool that is intuitive and easy to deploy for your team, up to 10 users. Your team will benefit from: No more formal meetings or email to review code.

How do I code a collaborator in git?

Ways of Integration

  1. Start GUI Client.
  2. Click Add to create a new SCM configuration.
  3. In the subsequent SCM Configuration dialog, specify the local source code location.
  4. Select Git in the SCM drop-down list.
  5. Several options will become available.
  6. Once ready, click Validate to make sure the integration is operational.

What does being a collaborator mean?

: a person who collaborates with another: such as. a : someone who works with another person or group With our students and collaborators, we have developed … a tool that couples a video camera with specialized computation.

How do you use collaborator in a sentence?

an associate who works with others toward a common goal.

  1. I need a collaborator to help me.
  2. Over the years collaborator families have become very rich.
  3. Your closest collaborator is left out in the cold.
  4. However, in the choice of his last collaborator, Henry Philips, he made a fatal mistake.

What does collaboration mean in ww2?

Some of these collaborators committed war crimes, crimes against humanity, or atrocities in the Holocaust. Collaboration has been defined as cooperation between elements of the population of a defeated state and representatives of a victorious power.

How do I give someone access to my GitHub repository?

Inviting collaborators to a personal repository

  1. Ask for the username of the person you’re inviting as a collaborator.
  2. On GitHub, navigate to the main page of the repository.
  3. Under your repository name, click Settings.
  4. In the left sidebar, click Manage access.
  5. Click Invite a collaborator.

How do I give git permission to push?

1 Answer

  1. Ask for the username of the person you’re adding as a collaborator.
  2. In the top right corner of any page, click your username.
  3. On your profile page, click the Repositories tab, then click the name of your repository.
  4. In your repository’s right sidebar, click Settings.
  5. Click the “Collaborators” tab.

What does good collaboration look like?

When it comes to developing something totally new, good collaboration means having honesty and willingness to change to make things better. Good collaboration is, “when someone takes your ideas, tells you you’re crazy or impossible, and then works with you to make them better,” said Engineering Manager Sean Xie.

What do you need to know about SmartBear Software support?

The premier peer code and document review tool for development teams that take software quality seriously. Make sure you are getting the most from your Collaborator trial. Explore our documentation and in-depth topics on Monitoring. Our expert support team will kindly guide and train you on Collaborator.

Can a code review be done in collaborator?

This type of code review workflow is supported in both our GUI client and command line client. Often, developers associate their code changes directly to a JIRA task. With Collaborator’s JIRA integration, code reviews are directly linked to JIRA tickets.

What can collaborator do for your coding team?

Ensure compliance with electronic signatures and time stamps. Make comments, mark defects, and track bugs in real time so your team can get to bug-free software faster than ever. Focus on quality first and dramatically reduce rework. Collaborator helps you deliver higher quality code to QA as well as to your customer.

What is collaborator and what does it do?

Collaborator is a code and document review tool that helps you deliver higher quality code to QA as well as to your customer.