What is Medi-span in healthcare?

What is Medi-span in healthcare?

Medi-Span is a part of Wolters Kluwer Health, provider of information for professionals and students in medicine, nursing, allied health, pharmacy and the pharmaceutical industry. Purpose. Master Drug Data Base provides comprehensive and current drug information from a single source.

How does Medi-span work?

Medi-Span takes a holistic approach to screening, using specific information in the patient profile to flag potential adverse effects. It is supported by data developed by a multidisciplinary editorial team to deliver best-practice recommendations from current medical and pharmaceutical literature.

What is Medi-span used for?

Medi-Span takes the world of drug data and synthesizes it into intelligent databases and integrated tools that can be used throughout your hospital or business to educate, alert, and support faster and better-informed decision making.

What is GPI number drug?

The Generic Product Identifier (GPI) is a 14-character hierarchical classification system that identifies drugs from their primary therapeutic use down to the unique interchangeable product regardless of manufacturer or package size.

What medications are considered maintenance?

Maintenance drugs are medications prescribed to treat chronic, long-term conditions and are taken on a regular, recurring basis. Examples of maintenance drugs are those used to treat high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma and diabetes.

What is GPI in banking?

SWIFT, known as the payment messaging network that provides secure and easier transactions internationally in between over 10.000 financial institutions, has developed a new initiative called SWIFT gpi (Global Payments Innovation) and it aims to enhance the payment procedures via SWIFT both for the customers and …

How do you calculate GPI?

The relationship between GDP and GPI mimics the relationship between the gross profit and net profit of a company. The net profit is the gross profit minus the costs incurred, while the GPI is the GDP (value of all goods and services produced) minus the environmental and social costs.

What are Rxcui codes?

RXCUI. Every name and code provided to NLM by a source vocabulary receives an RXCUI. An RXCUI is a machine-readable code or identifier that points to the common meaning shared by the various source names grouped and assigned to a particular concept. However, all RXCUIs are not created equal.

What does Medi-span do with drug data?

Medi-Span synthesizes content, so when you use our drug data across your organization – whether building your system, running clinical screening, accessing pricing data, or sharing patient education materials – your whole team is getting information designed to be complementary and developed using aligned methods.

How does the Medi-span GPI system work?

The Medi-Span GPI is a unique concept with a long-proven track record to identify drug products by a hierarchical therapeutic classification system. The 14-character hierarchy gives you power and flexibility that no static number could offer. “Our business is built around the GPI.

Why is Medi-span important to medical professionals?

Medi-Span Clinical is an essential component of our family of Clinical Effectiveness solutions. Its globally trusted content, developed through the coordinated efforts of our editorial teams of clinicians, helps medical professionals access new evidence as promptly as possible and reflects region-specific formulary requirements.