What is the seating capacity of a 767?

What is the seating capacity of a 767?

245 passengers
PASSENGER CAPACITY. The nominal three-class seating capacity has increased to accommodate 245 passengers, up from 218. As a result, the potable water system and lavatory waste system capacities have been increased by an additional 75 U.S. gal (283 L) of potable water, and 30 U.S. gal (113.6 L) of waste-tank capacity.

What is the difference between a 767 and 777?

The Boeing 767 was designed for European travel and to cross the USA, but never saw more passengers in a three-class layout than 250 onboard. The Boeing 777, on the other hand, never saw less than 300. As such, it targeted a much bigger crowd of airlines who needed to transport more passengers a longer distance.

How long of a runway does a 767 need?

At MTOW, sea level, and ISA, a 767-300ER needs just shy of 9,000 feet of runway. At 2,000 feet altitude, that increases to about 10,500 feet. Click to see full answer. Also know, what is the required length of runway?

What was the first stretched Boeing 767 aircraft?

The 767-300, the first stretched version of the aircraft, entered service with Japan Airlines in 1986. The type features a 21.1-foot (6.43 m) fuselage extension over the 767-200, achieved by additional sections inserted before and after the wings, for an overall length of 180.25 ft (54.9 m). [42]

How big of a runway do you need for an airplane?

There actually are simple For most airliners, anything at least 6000 feet long, at sea level with no wind under standard conditions, is considered to be adequate. In an emergency situation, even airplanes like the Airbus A380 and Boeing 747 can (usually) easily land and safely stop on a runway of this length.

What kind of interior does a Boeing 767 have?

In 2000, a 777-style interior, known as the Boeing Signature Interior, debuted on the 767-400ER. Subsequently, adopted for all new-build 767s, the Signature Interior features even larger overhead bins, indirect lighting, and sculpted, curved panels.