What octane is VP Race Fuel?

What octane is VP Race Fuel?

VP Race Fuel Specifications: Color: Yellow. Motor Octane: 114.

Is VP Racing Fuel worth it?

It will require some jetting and timing adjustments, but its well worth it for the 2-3% horsepower gains over pump gas, and up to 5% in some applications.” With its 109 RON rating (105 R+M/2), this is VP’s most powerful unleaded fuel and works great for racing hardcore street cars off road, or on the track.

Can I use VP Racing fuel in my car?

You can put some racing fuels in normal cars, but there is no real reason for you to do this. These fuels have higher octane ratings, so are designed to perform at higher temperatures and pressures. There is generally no noticeable performance gain when they are used to fuel consumer vehicles.

Who owns VP gas stations?

ALAN CERWICK NAMED PRESIDENT AT VP RACING FUELS Former Valero Executive Plans National Branded Distribution SAN ANTONIO, TX (August 18, 2011) VP Racing Fuels, Inc., recently announced an agreement whereby over the coming months company owner Steve Burns will sell his interest in the company to Alan Cerwick, former …

Does VP fuel have ethanol?

VP Small Engine Fuels is not just ethanol-free, but specifically formulated with the highest quality components for top performance, long life and durability of your small engine. We made no concessions to cost in the development of this fuel and oil package.

Does race fuel give you more horsepower?

When a pump-gas engine is subjected to a higher-octane race fuel, it may result in a decrease in power from an incomplete burn. Oxygenated FuelThe theory is the more fuel you can pass through an engine and completely burn, the more power you can make.

Is VP 110 Racing Fuel leaded?

VP 1392 VP110 110 Octane Leaded Racing Fuel 5-Gallon Pail.

Is VP Racing fuel ethanol free?

What does VP in VP fuel stand for?

VP Racing Fuels was founded by Steve Burns, who initially exhibited his aptitude for R&D in the early 1970’s as a young racer in San Antonio, Texas. His first fuel was christened “C12™,” the word spread and Steve’s company was founded as VP Racing Fuels in 1975.

Who are VP racing fuels and what do they do?

San Antonio, Texas, USA (October 17, 2018) VP Racing Fuels, Inc., today announced a distribution and marketing partnership with Race Fuel Ltd., in the United Kingdom. “Our partnership with Race Fuel Ltd is designed to provide fuel services to virtually any UK motorsport program – land or water, two wheels or four,…

Where is VP racing fuels in San Antonio?

San Antonio, TX (March 21, 2018) VP Racing Fuels, Inc., long recognized as the fuel behind winning racers and championships, today announced the grand opening of their latest branded gas station and first marina location this Saturday, March 23, at Wakepoint on Lake LBJ, 14757 West Ranch Road 1431 in Kingsland, Texas.

What kind of coolant does VP racing use?

Whether it’s for your daily driver needing freeze protection, or your weekend warrior that needs a glycol-free formula for the track, VP Stay Frosty ready-to-pour coolants will keep your vehicle running cool. From classics like t-shirts, hoodies and hats to modern favorites including our annual calendar, look no further than our online store.