When did Cruel Summer by Ace of base come out?

When did Cruel Summer by Ace of base come out?

Cruel Summer (Ace of Base album) Cruel Summer is a 1998 album by Swedish pop group Ace of Base, released as the band’s third album in North America on July 14, 1998 and in Japan on August 25, 1998 by Arista Records. Though Flowers sold four million copies in Europe, Asia, and Africa following its release in June 1998,…

What kind of art did Donatello make at the base?

The marble panel at the base is also an important work of art in its own right. It is a key early example of a bas-relief made using the principles of linear perspective, which was infiltrating painting at the time.

What was the name of Ace of base’s third album?

Flowers was the group’s third album worldwide, but Arista Records decided to release a different version of the album in North America, Japan, and Latin America, retitled Cruel Summer. This version of the album featured the new track ” Everytime It Rains ” and many new versions of songs that were first featured on Flowers.

Why was Niccolo da Uzzano important to Donatello?

Niccolo da Uzzano was an important figure in Florentine politics in the early decades of the 15th century, who acted as a respected intermediary figure between the city’s powerful rival families. Donatello produced the bust (although its authorship is sometimes contested) soon after Uzzano’s death in 1433.

What kind of success did Ace of base have?

Very few albums achieve the kind of success that the Sign brought, Ace of base were the first ever group to have a billboard #1 Album and #1 debut single at the same time. This albums has gone on to make Ace of Base a known name across the world.

Who are the band members of Cruel Summer?

Clive Davis was instrumental in the composition of the Cruel Summer album. The band members had resisted recording another cover song, but at the insistence of their British record label, Polydor Records, as well as Arista Records, Jonas Berggren chose Bananarama ‘s “Cruel Summer” in what he called “an easy decision”.