Where to go in Sector 4 in Metroid Fusion?

Where to go in Sector 4 in Metroid Fusion?

Sector 4 is the only sector in metroid fusion where samus must go left to enter the sector. Fusion mode can only be unlocked with the metroid amiibo unfortunately the instant use for the metroid amiibo on the other hand will do a scan of the map and show you any nearby metroids.

Where are all the monsters in Metroid recon?

One thing no adventurer leaves home without is a handy map. Click the map below for a rundown of where every passage, item and boss monster is hidden at every turn.

Which is the last game in the Metroid series?

Metroid fusion メトロイドフュージョン metoroido fyūjon also known as metroid 4 and referred to as metroid iv during production is currently the last game chronologically in the metroid series. Walkthroughs items maps video tips and strategies. Scans the map and reveals locations of any nearby metroids.

Who is the creator of Super Metroid maps?

All maps have either been submitted voluntarily or used with expressed permission of the author. By ??? Official Super Metroid Developer’s Map. (Beta) By Daniel Dubreuil (6400×4000) Large File; wait for it to load!

Try your best not to splash into the water below as you move toward the upper left hatch — this is your exit. Moving left into the next room will reveal a few new areas to explore. Start with the upper left exit; jump your way to the upper left and take that hatch to the next water-filled chamber.

Where do you find Samus in Sector 4?

Samus will soon find out for herself, as your computer has plotted the next navigational point in the upper levels of Sector 4. Your target: the breeding grounds of the vile creature known as Serris.

How do you get out of sector 4?

For ANYONE WHO GETS STUCK IN THE FUTURE. Work your way down the BOTTOM of sector 4, as displayed in the map i linked to. THERE you open the security room to open the red doors. THEN you can get out. So far, NOBODY ANYWHERE has specified how to get out of this.