Which Porutham is more important?

Which Porutham is more important?

Porutham considers the natural tendencies of the boy and the girl based on the horoscopes, and accordingly the marriage of the two can be matched. The following five matches out of ten are considered important: Gana, Rajju, Dina, Rasi and Yoni and out these five, Rajju and Dina are given the greatest importance.

What is Stree Dhrirgham Porutham?

Sthree deergha porutham ensures the female counterpart’s well being, longevity and prosperity. If the boys star counted from girl star exeeds 13, there is Stree Deergha Porutham. Kundli Matching : Find marriage compatibility of bride & groom through kundli matching.

What is Vasya Porutham?

VASYA PORUTHAM. Vasya porutham means the Compatibility between the zodiac signs with respect to their mutual enchantment. This Porutham helps to enhance the love and affection between the couple. Vasya Porutham gains more prominence in the absense of other poruthams like Rasi Porutham and Gana Porutham.

What happens if rasi Porutham is not matching?

Rasi porutham comes as a remedy compensating for the absence of other compatibilities. Rasi porutham reveals the temperament of the person whose horoscope is considered. So, if the rasi of the girl or that of the boy falls in the above mentioned positions of the rasi of the other, the porutham is said not to match.

How important is rajju Porutham?

It is said to be the most important out of the ten kootas or poruthams because it has in consideration the husband’s long life if the Rajju porutham is properly studied and applied. This is important because the husband’s long life ensures a happy relationship with his wife and would lead to a happy long life for both.

Can we marry if horoscope not matching?

During Kundli matching, the horoscopes of the bride and groom are matched to ascertain whether their married life will be happy and successful. If 18 or more points match, it makes a good marriage and if the matches are below 18 points, then the marriage is not approved by astrology.

What are the 10 Porutham for marriage?

The 10 poruthams (kootas) thus chalked out are: dinam, ganam, yoni, rasi, rasiyathipaty, rajju, vedha, vasya, mahendram and stree deergham.