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Are Cato clothes good quality?

Are Cato clothes good quality?

Cato has a consumer rating of 3.31 stars from 13 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Cato ranks 633rd among Women’s Clothing sites.

What time does catos open today?

From Monday to Saturday, most of the Cato stores open morning at 10:00 AM and close their store evening at 9:00 PM. On regular days most of the Cato stores operate 11 hours a day….Cato Hours.

Cato Hours Opening Hours Closing Hours
Friday 10:00 AM 9:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM 9:00 PM

Where are Cato clothes made?

Cato is a US-based clothes retailer founded in 1946 that offers a variety of women’s clothing and accessories. Their clothes are manufactured in Bangladesh, where Cato was subject to criticism after a number of factories that serviced them collapsed and made international news.

How many stores does Cato have?

Cato Corporation/Number of locations

Is CatOS going out of business?

Cato stores have historically been very profitable and have generated strong free cash flows. COVID-19 Impact: In response to COVID-19, Cato made the decision to temporarily close all stores on March 19, 2020.

How much does Cato employees make?

How much does a Sales Associate at Cato make? The typical Cato Sales Associate salary is $9 per hour. Sales Associate salaries at Cato can range from $4 – $11 per hour.

Can I pay my Cato bill online?

Can I access my Cato credit card account online or make online payments? To access your account balance, available credit, payment information or make a payment by phone, call our Credit Department Customer Service at 1-877-557-3526. Click here to make an online payment.

Are versona and Cato the same?

The Cato Corporation is a leading specialty retailer of value-priced fashion apparel operating three store brands – Versona, Cato and It’s Fashion/It’s Fashion Metro generating over $950 million in sales with approximately 1,375 stores in 33 states.

What is Cato famous for?

Marcus Porcius Cato, byname Cato The Censor, or Cato The Elder, (born 234 bc, Tusculum, Latium [Italy]—died 149), Roman statesman, orator, and the first Latin prose writer of importance. He was noted for his conservative and anti-Hellenic policies, in opposition to the phil-Hellenic ideals of the Scipio family.

What is Cato short for?

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