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Can you ride the Tour Divide on a gravel bike?

Can you ride the Tour Divide on a gravel bike?

“What is your ideal tire for the Tour Divide?” asked Jan. Nearly the entire ride would be considered gravel with fairly smooth dirt roads, and it is totally passable on a gravel bike with 38 or 42 mm tires. However, no one has ever won the race or established a time record on a gravel bike.

How long does it take to ride the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route?

six to ten weeks
Typical times to ride the entire route range from six to ten weeks. Logistical issues complicate riding the GDMBR. Reliable food and water sources on some portions of the route are over 100 mi (160 km) apart.

How long does it take to finish the Tour Divide?

With an average time-to-completion of three weeks in the saddle, Tour Divide is the longest–arguably most challenging–mountain bike time trial on the planet. It is a challenge for the ultra-fit, but only if ultra-prepared for myriad contingencies of backcountry biking.

Can you bike the Great Divide Trail?

The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route (GDMBR) is the longest off-pavement bicycle route in the world. The GDMBR is Adventure Cycling Association’s (ACA) premier dirt cycling route, stretching about 2700 miles from the North in Banff, Canada to the South in Antelope Wells, New Mexico along the Mexican border.

Where does the great divide start and end?

The Great Divide. The Adventure Cyclist Association developed in 1998 world’s longest off-pavement cycling route and named it “Great Divide Mountain Bike Route”. The original route starts in Banff, Canada and finishes in Antelope Wells at the Mexican Border.

How long is the Great Divide Trail?

1100 kilometres
The Great Divide Trail traverses the continental divide between Alberta and British Columbia, wandering through the vast wilderness of the Canadian Rocky Mountains for more than 1100 kilometres. It is one of the most spectacular and challenging long‐distance trails on the planet.