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Can you still buy compact fluorescent bulbs?

Can you still buy compact fluorescent bulbs?

Now CFLs, or compact fluorescent lamps, are slowly disappearing from stores. Home retailer IKEA stopped selling them in all its locations last year, and now manufacturer GE has penned a cheeky Dear John letter to the technology, saying it will stop making the bulbs in the United States.

What is the brightest compact fluorescent bulb?

Know your watts and lumens (light output)

Incandescent CFL Lumens
60W 13-18W >900
75W 19-22W >1,200
100W 23-26W >1,750
150W 38-42W >2,600

What is the difference between fluorescent and compact fluorescent light bulbs?

Standard fluorescent lights are available in tubes (generally 48 to 84 inches in length). CFLs are much smaller. They are still tubes but they are, as the name implies, “compact.” CFLs were designed to replace standard applications for incandescent bulbs as they are both more efficient and longer lasting.

How big is a standard CFL light bulb?

Measurements can be found in both the specifications areas on the product’s page and the spec sheets. We carry many CFL light bulbs that measure well over 13 inches in length and over 5 inches in diameter. Bulbs of this size are more suited for warehouse lighting and would be much too large for a wall sconce or table lamp.

Do you need an external ballast for a CFL bulb?

CFL bulbs, or spiral light bulbs are self-ballasted and do not require an external ballast to operate like fluorescent tubes do. CFL light bulbs come in a variety of wattages, sizes, and color temperatures making them a very versatile addition to your overall lighting plan.

What kind of light bulbs can I use?

Spiral light bulbs can be used in a wide variety of applications. Smaller CFL lights are suitable for use in household and business applications including table lamps, sconces, and outdoor fixtures if you live in mild climates.