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How can I improve my nursing resume?

How can I improve my nursing resume?

Five Ways to Make a Nursing Resume Stand Out from The CompetitionInclude an objective statement. Communicate workplace value. Be specific and relevant. Highlight clinical experience and areas of expertise. Earn an MSN.

How do you put travel nursing on a resume?

Top travel nurse resume examples includes your relevant experience.List the official name of the systems with which you have experience.List the amount of time you spent with each system.Include any specific training you received in the system.Did you perform any key functions within a system? Be sure to mention it.

What are the duties of a travel nurse?

Responsibilities are the same as a traditional RN such as: administer care, medications, and vaccines to patients of all ages; communicate with physicians and other healthcare professionals; collaborate to create a plan of patient care; create and contribute to medical records; respond to patient inquiries and concerns …