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How do I surrender my dog in Cuyahoga County?

How do I surrender my dog in Cuyahoga County?

Please call 216-771-8825 or [email protected] for an appointment to surrender an animal or pet. Please allow up to two business days for your call or email to be returned. Note: We are legally unable to accept stray dogs – they must be referred to Cleveland City Kennels or Cuyahoga County Kennels.

What happens to dogs at the dog pound?

Animals that are either lost or no longer wanted by their owners are dropped off at animal shelters, where they are housed and cared for— but often only temporarily. Only about half of the animals that enter a shelter will ever return to their original owner or find a new home. The rest will have to be euthanized.

How much does it cost to surrender a dog in Ohio?

There is a $10 fee to surrender your dog. Click here for more information. Before you surrender your dog, please understand that there are several reasons why a dog may not be suitable for adoption.

Do shelters put dogs sleep?

While most shelters around the country practice humane euthanasia by injection of approved drugs, some still use the gas chamber, a method the HSUS and every other major animal welfare group believe belongs in the past.

How do I surrender my cat in Ohio?

What Should I Do If I Need to Surrender a Pet? Contact the Shelter at (740) 323-2100 or [email protected] and speak with a coordinator to discuss your request. An intake coordinator will either schedule an appointment for intake or do their best to provide alternative resources.

Is the Cuyahoga County animal shelter open to the public?

Effective Saturday, January 23, 2020 the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter is open to the public with restrictions. Please read below: Each visitor must have their temperature taken prior to entry. Masks are required at ALL times while in the building. Dogs are first come, first serve. Visitors may only view two (2) dogs per visit.

Is there a pet food pantry in Cuyahoga County?

In an effort to keep pet owners from having to make a tough decision between feeding their family or feeding their pets, the FCCAS has established a Pet Food Pantry to help those in need. If you need assistance or would like to donate to the pantry, please click here. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO VOTED IN THE PETCO HOLIDAY WISHES CAMPAIGN!

Where can I adopt a dog in Cleveland?

Adoptions include the spay/neuter, micro-chip, rabies vaccination, routine vaccinations, and a county dog license. Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter: Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter (CCAS) is a temporary home for dogs that are lost or stray, better known as the “dog pound”.

Where is the headquarters of Cuyahoga County Ohio?

Cuyahoga County Headquarters 2079 East Ninth Street Cleveland, OH 44115 216-443-7000. [email protected] County Social Media Public Records Request Media Center