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How do you become a wildlife carer in Australia?

How do you become a wildlife carer in Australia?

To become a volunteer rescuer and carer with WIRES you need to complete WIRES Rescue and Immediate Care Course (RICC). Completing the initial RICC training enables you to rescue a range of sick, injured and orphaned native animals and provide some immediate care.

How do you become a wildlife carer act?

You need to reside in the ACT to care for native animals in the ACT. ACT wildlife Incorporated is fully licensed to care and rehabilitate native wildlife in the ACT. To become a member, complete the annual membership application form at here and pay the annual fee.

How much do wildlife rescuers get paid?

Most wildlife rehabilitators are volunteers. Paid positions do exist, however. The general annual pay range is between $20,000 and $40,000, with senior positions at large facilities having salaries of up to $75,000 per year.

How do you become a wildlife carer on the Sunshine Coast?

To become a WILVOS member, please begin by downloading and completing our membership application form: Membership Application Form (PDF) and send it to Wildlife Volunteers Association Inc (WILVOS), PO Box 4805, Sunshine Coast Mail Centre 4560.

How do I become a wildlife foster carer in Victoria?

In the state of Victoria you must link to a wildlife shelter and be mentored by them for a minimum of 18 months. This is a huge commitment, so it should not be entered into lightly. Depending on where you live, will determine who your shelter might be however- this is not always the case.

How can we help wildlife rescue?

One of the easiest and most effective ways to help wildlife is to preserve the environment in which the animals live. Volunteer with organizations in your area to restore native forests, grasslands, and coastal ecosystems by planting native species, manually removing invasive plant species, and taking out old fences.

Can you work with wildlife without a degree?

It is possible to work in conservation without a university degree and various employers provide entry level jobs for non-graduates. Likewise, there is a range of wildlife jobs in the United States of America that don’t require a college education such as a Park Ranger and Wildlife Technician.

How much does a wildlife rehabilitator make in Australia?

What about pay? Figures from Indeed suggest that Australian wildlife rehabilitators can earn from $62,700 up to $103,400 for more specialised roles. Managers can make even more than this if they hold senior positions.

How to apply for a Wildlife Licence in Victoria?

Submit your application 1 Allow at least 4 weeks for your licence application to be assessed. 2 If your application is successful you will be sent a payment notice for your licence. 3 Your licence and Record Book will be posted to you in approximately 2 weeks. 4 To avoid delays, please email your application and complete payments electronically.

How to become a wildlife carer in Australia?

If you have any specific questions regarding becoming a wildlife carer, please feel free to contact us by email at [email protected] or telephone one our volunteers on 07 5527 2444. When you attend the Wildcare training workshops, you will also receive comprehensive manuals on the rescue and care of most species of wildlife.

Do you need a licence to keep animals?

A wildlife licence is required to keep any animals listed in Schedules 2, 3 and 7 of the Wildlife Regulations 2013. If a species (or sub-species) is not listed in these schedules, than it cannot be held under a Wildlife Basic or a Wildlife Advanced Licence.

Do you need a rehabilitation permit to be a wild carer?

This is one of Wildcare’s core objectives – to ensure that sick and injured wildlife are rescued and receive appropriate care as soon as possible. You will need to hold a Rehabilitation Permit before you commence caring for wildlife. Once you have completed the necessary training, you are able to apply to Wildcare for this Permit at no cost.