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How do you make egg casserole with bread?

How do you make egg casserole with bread?

In a separate large bowl, combine the sausage, bread and 12 ounces of the cheese. Mix well and pour this into the egg mixture. Top with the remaining 4 ounces of cheese and cover with foil. Bake at 350 degrees F (175 degrees C) for 15 minutes, uncover, and bake until casserole is golden brown and bubbly.

What is a breakfast casserole?

Breakfast casseroles, sometimes also called egg strata, are a combination of a number of breakfast foods baked in casserole form. Some people relate it to a savory bread pudding, but not all casseroles use bread. In cases where bread is not used, the recipes may turn out much like frittatas or baked omelets.

What is egg casserole?

An egg casserole is light and fluffy, with a flavor and texture reminiscent of a well-prepared omelet. Adding meat and vegetables to the casserole complements the eggs and makes the dish more filling with the extra protein and fiber content.

What is a good breakfast casserole?

Grated American, cheddar or swiss cheeses are excellent choices in breakfast casseroles. Some people make a semi-quiche version of casseroles without the crust and use a combination of bacon and swiss cheese. If you use bacon remember that draining is very important so the breakfast casserole you make is not oily.

How long do you cook a sausage egg casserole?

In a medium-size bowl, whisk together the eggs, milk, cheddar cheese, fresh herbs, salt (if your sausage is seasoned with salt you may want to decrease this amount), and pepper.Pour the egg mixture over the top of the sausage mixture. Bake the egg casserole for 30-40 minutes, until the center of the egg casserole is firm.

Is egg casserole healthy?

Egg casseroles and egg muffins are classic because they are filling, protein rich and can be made ahead. This healthy sausage egg casserole has special ingredients to lighten it up and add some nutrition. Mini egg muffins make a low calorie on the go breakfast that you can literally pop in your mouth.