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How do you read a surface profile tolerance?

How do you read a surface profile tolerance?

The top figure shows the profile tolerance applied to a curved surface. The boxed symbols can be read “with respect to datum A, this surface must lie between two surface boundaries 0.8 apart and spaced equally about the true (or ideal) surface profile”.

What is profile of a surface in GD?

Description: Profile of a surface describes a 3-Dimensional tolerance zone around a surface, usually which is an advanced curve or shape. If it is called out on a curved surface, like a fillet on a welded part, the entire surface where the radius is has to fall within the tolerance zone.

What symbol means tolerance?

If the tolerance is preceded by a diameter symbol (⌀), the tolerance is a diameter or cylindrical shaped zone, as in the position of a hole. If there is no symbol preceding the tolerance, the default tolerance zone shape is parallel planes or a total wide zone, as in the position of a slot or profile of a surface.

What is the tolerance zone for profile of a line?

The profile of a line tolerance zone falls within two parallel curves that follow the contour of that profile. Since measurements might need to be taken at multiple cross sections of a part, the number of cross sections to be measured is usually included on the drawing along with the called-out tolerance.

How is profile of a surface measured?

Surface profile measurement is the measurement of a line across the surface that can be represented mathematically as a height function with lateral displacement, z(x). With a stylus or optical scanning instrument, profile measurement is carried out by traversing the stylus across a line on the surface.

Can a profile be a datum?

Profile can control, form, location, orientation, and size or any subset of these. Profile can be used with or without datum references and with or without basic dimensions.

How do you manually measure a surface profile?

When pressed against a roughened steel surface, the foam collapses and forms an impression of the surface. Placing the compressed tape between the anvils of a micrometric thickness gage and subtracting the contribution of the incompressible substrate, 2 mils, gives a measure of the surface profile.

Can profile of a surface be used with a size tolerance?

When used with datums, profile can mimic all the orientation symbols (perpendicularity, parallelism, angularity) and even control the location and size of a feature or surface. All of these symbols have a tolerance zone existing of parallel surfaces surrounding the measured profile.

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