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How good are Oberwerk binoculars?

How good are Oberwerk binoculars?

5.0 out of 5 stars These binoculars are exceptionally good. (1) They can be handheld for an hour, but better with the tripod mount of course. (2) The magnification really helps in my light polluted area to darken the sky and bring out the details of the Messier objects.

Where are Oberwerk binoculars made?

Every Oberwerk binocular is tested and tuned to perfection in Dayton, Ohio by Oberwerk founder Kevin Busarow, and comes with a hand-written check-out list. An Oberwerk serial number is assigned and laser-engraved only after a binocular completes this quality assurance process.

Are there binocular telescopes?

Oberwerk XL Series Binocular Telescopes are simply the most-powerful, versatile and highest-quality binoculars on the market. Accepts any 1.25″ telescope eyepieces, allowing magnifications as high as 80x (BT-100XL-ED), with excellent image quality.

How do you use binoculars?

How to Use Binoculars (the right way)

  1. Adjust the Eye Cups. Most binoculars have adjustable eye cups on each eyepiece. These eye cups should be DOWN if you wear glasses, UP if you do not.
  2. Adjust the Width. Binoculars have two eyepieces connected by a center hinge.
  3. Set the Focus.

Which is more powerful 10X42 or 10X50 binoculars?

The 10X50 has bigger objective lenses, and does a little better for brightness and focus around the edges. The 10X42 may have better focus at the center, Advantage: 10X50 – albeit you’ll only see that advantage in low light conditions, like early morning or early evening.

How big is the Oberwerk 25×100 if instrument?

Oberwerk 25×100 IF These are really big. They are just over 17 1/4″ long, 9 1/4″ wide and 4 1/2″ high. The spec says they weigh 10 pounds. They are waterproof. These come in a real nice hard storage case. This Oberwerk 25×100 was the instrument used for my recent deep sky object tour,

Which is smaller Celestron 15×70 or Oberwerk 25×100?

The Celestron 25×100 is smaller than the Oberwerk 25×100. Shown here for comparison next to a Celestron 15×70 which are the same size as the Oberwerk 15×70, you may be able to see some difference. Copyright (c) 2006 Cloudy Nights Telescope Reviews Oberwerk 25×100 IF These are really big. They are just over 17 1/4″ long, 9 1/4″ wide and 4 1/2″ high.

Is there a lifetime exchange program for Oberwerk binoculars?

All Oberwerk binoculars are thoroughly hand-inspected and collimated before being shipped, following a strict quality assurance checklist. We provide a Lifetime Exchange Program for all Oberwerk binoculars no matter the condition, age, where or how you came to own it.