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How many chapters does Ffx 2 have?

How many chapters does Ffx 2 have?

five chapters
The game consists of five chapters, with each location featuring one scenario per chapter. Together, the five scenarios in one locale form a subplot of the game called an “Episode”.

Where do I find Syndicate uniforms in FFX 2?

Head to Guadosalam, the headquarters of the Leblanc Syndicate, and you will find out that you cannot enter unless you have a couple of uniforms to disguise yourselves with. Back on the Celsius, you will have to visit three separate locations in the hopes of finding the uniforms that you need.

How do I get Paine special Dressphere?

The Full Throttle is Paine’s special dressphere in Final Fantasy X-2. It is obtained by talking to Tromell four times in the Macalania Woods in Chapter 1 or 2. Since talking to Tromell at any point is optional, this is the only one of the special dresspheres that can be missed.

Is there a walkthrough for Final Fantasy X?

Nature of the Walkthrough: Not sure if it matters, but it’s actually come up at some points. Yes, this walkthrough is intended to get you to 100% completion of the game.

When to start Final Fantasy X-2 Calm Lands?

Your first visit to the Calm Lands will explain PR. You should start PR in Chapter 1, and you can be over 400 points by Chapter 2 and never worry about it again. If you start in Chapter 2, that’s fine and you’ll finish in Chapter 3 and maybe a little bit of 4.

Who is the last boss in the Botanica?

The last boss is Warp Splinter, a giant ancient similar to you would see in any of the Night Elf areas. He is a very interesting fight, but can be very difficult if you do not have enough DPS in the group. His abilities are: Warstomp – This is a 30 yard AOE which stuns everyone for 2 seconds and does 1500-2500 damage.

Can you start Final Fantasy X-2 after Chapter 2?

If you start in Chapter 2, that’s fine and you’ll finish in Chapter 3 and maybe a little bit of 4. If you start it AFTER Chapter 2, then you’ve missed it. There are other missable achievements, but if you follow the order of the guide, we will take care of those as they become available marking them off your list. So worry not.