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How many episodes of the blacklist are there in Season 4?

How many episodes of the blacklist are there in Season 4?


Is Agent keen alive in Season 4?

That’s right. Elizabeth Keen is still alive. Some fans saw that coming, while others truly believed her dead.

What happened to Tom in blacklist Season 4?

During Wednesday’s midseason finale, star Ryan Eggold’s Tom Keen was shockingly killed off the NBC procedural. Eggold’s Tom Keen was the husband of Boone’s Elizabeth Keen. The character, later revealed to be a covert operative, was spun off last season to topline The Blacklist: Redemption.

Who poisoned Reddington in Season 4?

Say it ain’t so! In The Blacklist’s winter finale, all signs pointed to Dembe Zuma (Hisham Tawfiq) as the culprit who poisoned Raymond Red Reddington (James Spader), his murky, mercurial boss. This two-parter finds Red, Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) and her FBI task force hunting to bring the guilty party to justice.

Does Dembe Zuma die?

Dembe is “shot” in the chest by Agent Navabi, in an attempt to “rescue” Kenneth, only to bring him to Reddington.

Is Ilya Koslov Liz’s father?

While Liz initially defends Red, her mother provides shocking news: Red is lying, he is not Ilya Koslov.

Did Dembe really poison red?

And then in the midseason finale, the twist: It was Dembe who poisoned Red and nearly killed him. Sure, Dembe was upset that Red killed Kaplan, but he was also somewhat complicit in it, and he has never shown any wavering in his eternal devotion to his boss.

Did Dembe betray Reddington Season 4?

Though it initially appeared that Dembe (Hisham Tawfiq) had betrayed Red (James Spader), it was actually Mr. Kaplan (Susan Blommaert) who sought revenge on her former employer. Via flashback, viewers learned Katarina had an affair with her mark, a young Red, who kidnapped Masha because he believed she was his child.

Who is Reddington’s enemy?

The Cabal

How did Katarina Rostova fake her death?

In “Rassvet”, it is confirmed that she faked her death by walking into the sea due to the numerous people after her. After Katarina intervened to stop a rape, she realized that Anton Velov would hear of it and know she was still alive.

Who is Agent Keen’s father?

Raymond Reddington

What did Reddington whisper to Kirk?

It’s also possible he just told him some outrageous lie to spare his own life in the moment, but since Rostov’s fate is still unconfirmed, he may reappear during season 7 and the series can finally reveal what Reddington whispered. It’s pronounced Paw-rick, not Pad-raig.

What did Tom whisper Liz?

Quite the scuffle ensues: Tom shoots Red, Liz shoots Tom, Red flees the scene, and before Liz leaves Tom to bleed out and die — which we later learn he doesn’t — Tom whispers something in Liz’s ear: “Your father is alive.”

Did Lizzy really die on blacklist?

Ressler finds that Liz has died despite Nick and Reddington’s efforts. The task force grieves, and a devastated Reddington goes to see Tom and Agnes. Reddington tells her his feelings about Liz, her death, and the future of her child Agnes. Later on, she reveals that there are people after her to kill her.

Do Liz and Tom get back together?

Together Again! Tom and Liz Keen will officially reunite in The Blacklist’s season 5 premiere — and EW has the exclusive first look. Last season, Tom (Ryan Eggold) went in search of his family on The Blacklist spin-off, Redemption.

Does Tom actually love Liz?

Elizabeth and Tom have a complicated relationship. She gets pregnant by him and he repeatedly asks her to marry him. He does truly love her and it’s mutual. At their second wedding someone is hired to kidnap her and shoot up the church, which sends a very pregnant Liz into labor.