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How much does it cost for dustless blasting?

How much does it cost for dustless blasting?

Dustless blasting is a new way of blast cleaning that combines the use of water and abrasives. The dustless blasting cost per hour can range between $75 to $300 per hour if you hire a professional.

How profitable is dustless blasting?

Based on blasting for under 20 hours a week, your business could plan to deliver sales of about: $300,000 in the 1st year with 1 mobile system. $600,000 in the 2nd year with 2 mobile systems. $900,000 in the 3rd year with 3 mobile systems.

Is there a demand for Dustless Blasting?

Dustless Blasting is pioneering a brand new industry — mobile paint stripping and cleaning. Everything is painted, rusty, or dirty. The demand for this service is everywhere, but providers are few and far between. Low Overhead / Startup Costs: You can start a business for around $50,000!

How do you clean up after Dustless Blasting?

Clean Up Methods

  1. Hard Surface. You can blast on a hard surface, like concrete.
  2. Plastic Sheet. Alternatively, place 6 mil plastic underneath the project.
  3. Debris Pickup Service.
  4. Vacuum.
  5. Curtains or Barriers.
  6. Silt Fence.
  7. Blasting Indoors.
  8. For Curb Paint.

How much does it cost to Soda Blast?

How much does it cost? According to Armstrong, the price varies depending on the length of the vessel. For example, a 30-foot boat might be around $45 per foot, while a 100-foot boat would be around $130 per foot because of the increased beam. “Our average job works out around $35 to $45 per foot,” he says.

Can you use dustless blasting on wood?

However, you may not realize that dustless blasting is gentle enough to use on softer materials like wood. Believe it or not, dustless blasting is a viable option for wood stripping and restoration.

How much does it cost to get something sandblasted?

The average sandblasting company will charge $40 to $65 dollars per hour of labor. Specialty services will cost over $75 per hour. These types of services include extra preparation, special abrasion materials, and job design. Materials cost for sandblasting costs about $50 per 50 pound bag.