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How much does it cost to go volcano boarding in Nicaragua?

How much does it cost to go volcano boarding in Nicaragua?

Costs: The price of volcano boarding Cerro Negro is around $25 per person, plus you have to pay another $5 at the entrance to the volcano. If you want a local to carry your board up the volcano, that’ll cost you another $5.

Where can I board a volcano?

Volcano surfing or volcano boarding is a sport performed on the slopes of a volcano. One of the most popular places for the activity is the Cerro Negro near Leon in western Nicaragua. Riders hike up the volcano and slide down, sitting or standing, on a thin plywood or metal board.

Is Masaya volcano active?

Masaya volcano 25 km SE from Managua is one of Nicaragua’s most active and usual volcanoes. In contrast to most other volcanoes in subduction zones, it has been erupting mainly fluid basaltic lava.

How do you play boarding on a volcano?

Volcano Boarding Technique To go slow, lean forward. It’s definitely more fun to go fast though. In the beginning, use your legs as breaks in order to get a feel for the board. But once you gain enough speed, there’s no turning back, and any attempt to stop will only cause you to wipe out.

Is volcano boarding safe?

Generally, if you follow all instructions the guide will tell you, volcano boarding is a quite safe activity. Of course, when you decide to break records, you must bear in mind that accident can happen, because the surface is uneven at some sections and you can lose balance.

Where can you go volcano boarding in Nicaragua?

Cerro Negro
Where can you go volcano boarding? Cerro Negro is the youngest and most active volcano in Nicaragua and has become a real hotspot for volcano boarding. You can enjoy some stunning views and feel the adrenaline rush of boarding down the slopes in an environment that not many people ever get to set foot on.

Is volcano boarding popular?

The unusual sport of volcano boarding is reported to be growing in popularity with a two locations now available for first-timers to try it for themselves – one version of volcano boarding is treated as an adventure sport, the other as a (very) extreme sport.

When was the last time Masaya volcano erupted?

Masaya Volcano/Last eruption

Who invented volcano boarding?

Darryn Webb
Volcano boarding was the brainchild of Darryn Webb, an Australian who climbed the 2,400-foot high Cerro Negro in 2006 but was looking for a faster way to come down.

Why would a tourist want to visit Masaya Nicaragua?

The Masaya Volcano National Park is one of the most popular tourism attraction in the Pacific region of Nicaragua. The reason is that you can here get in direct contact with its most active crater and its surrounding, as well as with the special flora and fauna on place.

How tall is the Masaya Volcano?

635 m
Masaya Volcano/Elevation