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Is bipyridine a bidentate ligand?

Is bipyridine a bidentate ligand?

2,2′-Bipyridine (bipy or bpy, pronounced ) is an organic compound with the formula C10H8N2. This colorless solid is an important isomer of the bipyridine family. It is a bidentate chelating ligand, forming complexes with many transition metals.

What is the molecular formula of 2 2 ‘- bipyridine?


Is bipyridine neutral?

Since bipyridine is a neutral ligand, it forms charged complexes with metal cations for which it is used in the design and synthesis of metal-bipyridine complexes.

How do you make bipyridine?

It is prepared by the dehydrogenation of pyridine using Raney nickel: 2C5H5N → (C5H4N)2 + H. Although uncoordinated bipyridine is often drawn with its nitrogen atoms in cis conformation, the lowest energy conformation both in solid state and in solution is in fact coplanar, with nitrogen atoms in trans position.

Is bipyridine soluble in water?

4,4′-Bipyridine is a precursor to the commercial herbicide paraquat. The bipyridines are all colourless solids, which are soluble in organic solvents and slightly soluble in water.

Is bipyridine a planar?

The answer to the question in the title is that bipyridine is seldom planar in metal complexes and that the deviation from planarity can be described in terms of bow and twist deformations and to a lesser extent in terms of an S-shaped distortion. There is also an in-plane deformation, which is far from negligible.

Is Bpy ligand neutral?

Question: Bipyridine (bpy) is a neutral chelating ligand that has π orbitals analogous to planar biphenyl, and is considered to be a π-acceptor ligand due a low-lying empty π orbital (LUMO) that can form a bonding interaction with the metal.

Is bipyridine chelating ligand?

2,2′-Bipyridine is the most widely used chelating ligand for forming metal complexes in coordination and supramolecular chemistry.

Is EDTA a strong field ligand?

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