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Is there a town called Mercury Minnesota?

Is there a town called Mercury Minnesota?

Mercury, Mavis’ boring home town, seems to be a fictional small town in Minnesota, that stands in as a metaphor place for any American small town. Mavis’ apartment complex, for example, can be found on 111 Marquette Avenue in Minneapolis while the small town of Rogers in Minnesota was the setting for “Denny’s”.

What is the smallest city in Minnesota?

The smallest town in Minnesota is Funkley, with a population of five.

What is the most expensive town in Minnesota?

WASHINGTON COUNTY, MN — The wealthiest town in Minnesota is Dellwood, located in the east metro of the Twin Cities, according to a 2021 study.

What is the prettiest town in Minnesota?

  • Ely. Ely has stunning natural scenery, outdoor activities and its fair share of independent pubs and bars.
  • Grand Marais.
  • Lanesboro.
  • Lindstrom.
  • Pipestone.
  • Red Wing.
  • Stillwater.
  • Taylors Falls.

Is Juno set in Minnesota?

Shooting on a budget of US$6.5 million, Juno was filmed in and around Vancouver, British Columbia, standing in for Minnesota, where production was originally intended to take place.

What city has the largest population in Minnesota?

The five largest Minnesota cities by population in 2019 were Minneapolis (435,885 residents), St. Paul (315,925), Rochester (119,969), Bloomington (90,271), and Duluth (87,306).

Who is the richest person in Duluth MN?

The state’s richest man, per Forbes, remains Glen Taylor, the owner of Taylor Corp., the Star Tribune and the Minnesota Timberwolves and Minnesota Lynx (though he’s angling to sell the basketball teams). His estimated wealth stands at $2.9 billion, the same as last year.

Why is Minnesota so beautiful?

More than simple lakes, Minnesota is a state rich with natural beauty. From waterfalls and lakeshores to highways and cities, there are unbelievable views to be discovered at every turn. No matter which region of the state you happen to live in or be visiting, you’ll find there’s jawdropping beauty nearby.

What is the best small town to live in in Minnesota?

Detailed List Of The Best Small Towns In Minnesota

Rank City Population
1 Deephaven, MN 3,879
2 Tonka Bay, MN 1,570
3 Bayport, MN 3,723
4 Dilworth, MN 4,410