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What do banded hare-wallaby eat?

What do banded hare-wallaby eat?

Diet and habitat Banded hare-wallabies eat mainly shrubs, and to a lesser extent grasses. During the day they shelter and form runs under dense shrubs in spinifex grasslands and sand dunes. These hare-wallabies are territorial and male-male interactions can be aggressive.

Where are banded hare-wallaby found?

Banded Hare-wallabies once occurred across southern Australia from western Victoria to south-west Western Australia. The last record from mainland Australia was in 1906, and today the only naturally occurring populations are on Bernier and Dorre Islands, Shark Bay, Western Australia.

When did the eastern hare-wallaby become extinct?


Eastern hare-wallaby
Extinct (1889) (IUCN 3.1)
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata

Where did the eastern hare-wallaby live?

southeastern Australia
The Eastern Hare-wallaby (Lagorchestes leporides) once also known as the Common Hare-wallaby, is an extinct species of wallaby that was native to southeastern Australia . The Eastern Hare-wallaby was a small macropod, slightly larger and more slender than its surviving relative the Rufous Hare-wallaby.

Why is the banded hare-wallaby endangered?

Decline of the Banded Hare-wallaby on the mainland has largely been attributed to the combined effects of predation by cats and habitat destruction due to grazing by sheep.

How many banded hare-wallaby are left in the world?

The IUCN Red List and other sources do not provide the exact number of the Banded hare-wallaby total population, but it was estimated to be between 2,000 and 9,000 mature individuals.

How did the Lake Mackay Hare Wallaby go extinct?

Factors leading to extinction The droughts that affected Central Australia in the 1900s were responsible for a surge of forest fires which can also be attributed to the decline of the Lagorchestes asomatus. Human industrial efforts also contributed to the extinction of the Lake Mackway hare-wallaby.

How many banded hare wallaby are left in the world?

Why is the banded hare wallaby endangered?

Does anything live in Lake Mackay?

The Lake Mackay hare-wallaby (Lagorchestes asomatus), also known as the central hare-wallaby or kuluwarri, is an extinct species of macropod formerly found in central Australia. Very little is known about it.