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What do you call it when you throw someone out of a window?

What do you call it when you throw someone out of a window?

1 : a throwing of a person or thing out of a window assassination by defenestration.

How do you use Defenestrate?

Defenestrate in a Sentence 馃攭

  1. We decided to defenestrate the student council president when we realized she was not handling her duties as efficiently as required.
  2. The king was defenestrated when his people had a revolution and overthrew him from his position of power.

What does Defenistrate mean?

(di藧藢f蓻n瑟藞stre瑟蕛蓹n) n. the act of throwing someone out of a window. [C17: from New Latin d膿fenestr膩ti艒, from Latin de- + fenestra window]

Is defenestration in the dictionary?

Meaning of defenestration in English the action of forcing someone, especially a leader, out of his or her job: He has governed so badly as to deserve automatic defenestration.

Can you throw someone out the window?

Defenestration is a word for the act of throwing something or someone out of a window. Yes, there’s actually a word for that. Fenestra is the Latin word for window. So that’s how we came up with defenestration, the frighteningly specific word for throwing someone out a window.

What is the word for throwing someone?

Some common synonyms of throw are cast, fling, hurl, pitch, sling, and toss.

What is the verb of defenestration?

verb (used with object), de路fen路es路trat路ed, de路fen路es路trat路ing. to throw (a person or thing) out of a window: A Portuguese bishop, accused of conspiring with the leaders of Castile, was defenestrated from the north tower of Lisbon’s cathedral in 1383.

What does the name defenestrate mean?

defenestrate (third-person singular simple present defenestrates, present participle defenestrating, simple past and past participle defenestrated) ( transitive ) To eject or throw (someone or something) from a window ; compare transfenestrate .

What is Defenestration definition?

Definition of defenestration 1 : a throwing of a person or thing out of a window assassination by defenestration 2 : a usually swift dismissal or expulsion (as from a political party or office) the defenestration of political leaders the mass defenestration of middle management鈥 Jane Bryant Quinn

What does defendress mean?

1. resistance against attack; protection. 2. something that defends, as a fortification or medication. 3. the defending of a cause or the like by speech, etc.: to speak in defense of a cause. 4. the arms production of a nation: spending billions on defense.