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What is the best way to catch big catfish?

What is the best way to catch big catfish?

Cut bait is one of the most effective baits for blue catfish Large live shiners, herring, and shad are deadly, especially on flathead and channel catfish. But it’s hard to top a section of cut bait from a herring, shad, or mullet for both of those species and blue catfish as well. Cut them into steaks ¾-1 inch wide.

What’s the biggest catfish ever caught in Kansas?

State Record Fish

Species Name Weight Len.
CATFISH, CHANNEL 36.5 lbs. 38 inches
CATFISH, FLATHEAD 123 lbs. 61 inches
CATFISH, BULLHEAD 7.33 lbs. 24 1/2 inches
CRAPPIE, WHITE 4.02 lbs. 17 1/2 inches

What size hooks should I use for catfish?

The optimal size for channel catfish is typically a 2/0 or 3/0 hook when using a Kahle hook. If you choose circle hooks for small to medium-sized channel catfish then a 5/0 or 6/0 size will usually work best.

Where can I catch a big flathead catfish in Kansas?

If your wish is a truly large flathead, you can just about pick a spot in Kansas. Plenty of places hold flatheads exceeding 50 pounds. They have been caught at city lakes, state fishing lakes and large impoundments. Honestly, big flatheads are my personal favorites because they can be so aggressive. (I’ll have more about that in a little bit.)

How big was the catfish in the Kansas River?

Also fishing the Kaw, and using shad as bait, Edmiston hooked and landed a 53-inch blue that tipped the scales at 94 pounds. His new state record is an awesome example of the big-cat potential the Kansas River had, and still has today.

What’s the biggest fish ever caught in Kansas?

The Kaw has some great fish.” When it comes to fish, Kansas is recognized as the land of giants. A 123-pound flathead from Elk City Reservoir has been the world record for nearly 20 years. A 144-pound paddlefish, caught from a small lake in Atchison, has held the state and world record since 2004.

Where is the best place to fish in Kansas?

Finding a spot that gives you the chance to use two rods and reels – casting one bait shallow and the other deep – is absolutely the best way to fish for Kansas’ big cats. You’ll find spots like this at the mouths of feeder creeks on lakes of any size.